Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Drug Approved by Japan’s Ministry of Health: Lequembi Offers Hope for Early Symptoms

2023-09-27 18:06:53

Japan’s Ministry of Health recently approved a new drug that promises to combat Alzheimer’s, a disease that afflicts the elderly. According to the scientists in charge of this new drug, like others with this same purpose, Lequembi is designed to act on mild dementia and other early symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

This medicine would be the first dedicated to this disease, which is manufactured in the island nation and was developed jointly with Japanese and American companies. Lequembi represents a great advance in the fight against this disease, especially considering that by 2025 it is estimated that the number of 65-year-olds suffering from Alzheimer’s will increase to seven million.

The Japanese health entity also warned that this medication does not work for all people who develop this disease, but that, like other medications, it may work for some people and not for others. He made it clear that in rare cases it can cause dangerous side effects such as swelling and brain bleeding.

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