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Dangerous escalation on the Belarusian-Polish border!

In the night of Wednesday there were apparently successful breakthroughs by migrants to Europe at two points on the border fence, who were actively supported by soldiers and state smugglers of the Belarusian dictator. Poland immediately sent many of those who had breached back to Belarus.

The Polish border guards stated in a statement on Wednesday morning:

Yesterday, on November 23 at around 7:00 p.m., a group of over 100 aggressive foreigners forcibly pushed through the border between Poland and Belarus. Stones were thrown at the Polish services. The attack took place under the supervision of the Belarusian services.

Video recordings show a large hole in the border fence, about 60 kilometers north of the Belarusian metropolis of Brest in the south of the country. Heavily armed and masked soldiers of the Lukashenko regime are standing behind the approximately four-meter-wide hole, which was apparently made in the barbed wire with particle board. One of them blinds the Poles with a flashlight.

Another photo shows another hole near the Polish town of Mielnik, about 200 kilometers south of the Kuznica border post, which was the focus of the clashes last week. Here the border fence was apparently overcome with a ladder made of wood.

“Groups of 40 aggressive foreigners attacked the Polish services with stones, branches and stun grenades”, shared the Polish authorities to this incident with.

Photo: @ Straz_Graniczna / Twitter

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The border was also broken at Mielnik. Belarusian soldiers stand directly behind the border fence that has been overcomePhoto: @ Straz_Graniczna / Twitter

Migrants cannot be seen in the video or in the photo. Apparently they made it through the barrier before the Polish border guards entered.

Another message from the border guards on Wednesday fits in with this. Accordingly, there were “267 attempts to illegally cross the border” the day before. In 44 cases, “decisions to leave Poland” were made and implemented.

Possibly these are forced returns of migrants to Belarus, so-called “pushbacks”, which Poland is not allowed to carry out at all under EU law.

One thing is clear, however: Lukashenko’s regime continues to help migrants cross the border towards Europe – and in addition to inciting and guarding the refugees, it is now apparently also using tools, weapons and heavy equipment to overcome the border system.

The refugee accommodation set up in a logistics warehouse near Kuznica, in which around 1 00 people were accommodated, apparently serves as a propaganda attempt by the regime to suggest the impression of humanity and an end to the crisis.

In reality, Lukashenko henchmen and migrants are attacking the border fence in more and more places and this over a length of almost 200 kilometers between the cities of Brest and Grodna, which can hardly be monitored.


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