Breast cancer: screening of women journalists from Côte d’Ivoire

As part of the campaign to raise awareness and fight against breast cancer called “Pink October”, several Ivorian women journalists were detected on Saturday in Abidjan.

This screening operation, which took place at the Maison de la presse d’Abidjan (MPA), was organized by the African Media Network for Health and the Environment (REMAPSEN), the Association of Women Journalists of Côte d ‘Ivoire (AFJCI) and the Network of media, arts and sports professionals engaged in the fight against AIDS and other pandemics in Côte d’Ivoire (REPMASCI) in collaboration with the Association of Ivorian Midwives (ASFI ), the National Union of Journalists of Côte d’Ivoire (UNJCI) and the Network of Online Press Professionals of Côte d’Ivoire (REPPRELCI).

“These structures in favor of Pink October have put their strength together to speak with one voice, to fight against this silent killer who has left many families in mourning in our country”, declared Ms. Bintou Sanogo, President of the Council of administration of REPMASCI, noting that “cancer is a silent killer”.

“We as professional journalists did not want to stay on the sidelines of this annual celebration called Pink October,” she added.

Throughout the month of October of each year, the international community marks with a milestone awareness and screening activities to challenge populations, decision-makers, men and women about breast cancer.

“For this activity, we have combined cervical screening and breast cancer screening, because these are the main cancers that kill women here in our country,” Ms. Sanogo explained, specifying that this screening session was preceded by a panel.

“Today is the screening day for women in the media and women leaders,” added the PCA of REPMASCI, welcoming in the wake the Minister of Culture and the Arts Industry and of the show, Harlette Badou N’guessan Kouamé and the president of the National Union of Journalists of Côte d’Ivoire (UNJCI) Jean-Claude Coulibaly. They support this initiative which is in its 4th edition.

“We will be going around the editorial staff in the coming days to sensitize our sisters so that we stand up as one man through the productions, the writings and all that we have to do as women and men of the media to raise awareness, ”continued Ms. Bintou Sanogo.

After the drafting, the focus will be on temples, mosques and rural areas according to a timetable and a plan that will be developed, she concluded.

Ms. Félicité Djaha, who represented the Minister of Culture and the Arts and Entertainment Industry, Harlette Badou N’guessan Kouamé, in turn welcomed this “great initiative”.

“I congratulate them, I encourage them moreover to do more because we were discussed here on the danger which threatens the women because the cancer of the cervix or that of the breast cancer is a pernicious disease”, a underlined Ms. Djaha.

According to her, breast cancer is “so silent you don’t see it coming”. “What we are doing today is raising awareness to call on women and even men to join us in encouraging more women to be screened and this, at an early stage with a view to better care”, said Ms. Félicité Djaha.

According to him, the actors of the cultural world who have greater visibility, a large audience could be engaged to raise awareness so that there is not a single pink October day. But may every day of the year be pink October.

In this regard, Mrs. Salimata Adou of the Association of Ivorian Midwives (ASFI) noted that “the earlier breast cancer is treated, the more chances there are of saving women’s lives.”

This is why, she added, “we encourage them to come to be tested especially during this month which is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer”.

“We encourage them to go to all the sites that do screening. But outside of October, we urge them to go to health centers, ”Ms. Adou concluded.

The president of the UNJCI, Jean Claude Coulibaly, welcomed this initiative of the women journalists of Côte d’Ivoire.

“This pleases us all the more so as it is the associations of women journalists and journalists who have decided to organize this breast cancer screening day. It is very important for us as a citizens’ association, ”he noted.

For him, breast cancer is not inevitable, because, explained Mr. Coulibaly, once the disease is detected early, there is every chance of being cured.

“We urge our wives, our sisters, our daughters to come for testing. Those who have cancerous germs will be taken care of, ”reassured the president of the UNJCI.

Breast cancer is a real public health problem. Indeed, with an estimated mortality rate of nearly 75%, this disease currently affects 12,000 people in Côte d’Ivoire, and 2,500 new cases are recorded each year.

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