Brest-PSG (0-3): relive the Parisian qualification

>> The essential

  • Last successful test before Europe. In Brittany, PSG qualified for the knockout stages of the Coupe de France and gained confidence before a much-awaited reunion with Barcelona on Wednesday in the Champions League.
  • Holding the trophy, PSG goes on perfectly, after a success against Caen in the 32nd final.
  • Kylian Mbappé opened the scoring in the 9th minute of play, with a superb strike from the top corner. Before signing a double, in the second half (74th).
  • Just before half-time, Pablo Sarabia increased the score.

>> Relive this meeting between Stade Brestois and PSG minute by minute:

END OF THE MATCH. PSG corrects Brestois who dared to offer the game but were unable to convert their opportunities. Dominators and efficient, the Parisians have assumed their status and achieved a logical success, 3-0. What to garner confidence four days before the big meeting with Barcelona in the Champions League.

90’+ 2. Cardona twisted his right ankle on his own. He stays on the ground.

90’+ 1. Corner hit from the left by Brest. Mounié manages to regain a head, but Rico is attentive to his right.

90′. There will be two minutes of additional time.

89 ‘. Rico’s firm hand! The Parisian goalkeeper intervenes in front of Cardona.

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87 ‘. Mbappé misses the treble! Upon receiving a ladle from Rafinha, in the opposing area, the international tricolor removes too much his shot, which passes over.

84′. Changes for Brest. Charbonnier and Faussurier replace Philippoteaux and Pierre-Gabriel.

82′. At the conclusion of a block, Rafinha tries his luck in the surface of SB29 but Cibois blocks his shot too soft.

79′. Brest is not really there anymore. Witness the strike of Faivre, very far above Rico’s cage.

76′. It was Paredes who inherited the captain’s armband upon leaving Verratti.

75′. On the Brest side, Fadiga and Le Douaron give way to Mounié and Jean Lucas for Brest.

75′. Pochettino makes a double change: Gueye and Rafinha replace Verratti and Herrera.

74 ‘. BUUUUUUT from Mbappé! Di Maria crosses towards Verratti, at the far post. After cushioning the chest full of control, the Italian put back on a successful Mbappé, who scored from the chest. 3-0!

69′. This time, he is no exception. Yellow card for Herrera after another foul.

67′. Gross fault of Herrera, behind Philippoteaux, the Spaniard is doing without warning.

66′. Change on the Parisian side: Di Maria replaces Sarabia.

64′. Muscular exchange between Pierre-Gabriel and Verratti after a charge from the first to the second.

62′. PSG seem more in management now.

60 ‘. Rico’s dumpling! Under pressure, the goalkeeper tries to play short but his pass is intercepted by Faivre. His strike, deflected, deceives Rico … but Herrera pushes back on his line. It was hot !

58′. Brest and Fadiga insist! The player loaned by Paris enters the area and releases a new shot from the right side. Rico looks away with his right foot.

57′. Brest reaction! Fadiga strikes from outside the area, but Rico is watching.

55 ‘. Paredes’ cannon shot! At the entrance to the surface, the Argentinian is at the reception of a center back from Verratti. He takes a ball without control with a powerful strike, which grazes the amount!

54 ‘. What an opportunity for Mbappé! On the other hand, he presents himself alone against Cibois but crushes his shot too much, which the keeper can push back.

50′. Di Maria went to the warm-up.

49′. In the Brest area, over the defense, Verratti seeks Mbappé with a subtle stung ball. Bressier pushes back in disaster.

47′. Interesting free kick for the Bretons after a foul by Verratti on Faivre, at thirty meters. Directly in the wall.

46′. At the break, Kehrer gave way to Pembélé.

46 ‘. The Brestois kick off the second half!

Half-time. It’s the break at Francis-Le Blé! Dominating and realistic, the Parisians logically lead in the score, 2-0, thanks to the achievements of Mbappé (9th) and Sarabia (44th).

45′. It’s hard for Brest, who had been playing better for a few minutes.

44 ‘. GOO from Sarabia! Paris takes off! Paredes recovers Lance Draxler, left side. The German enters the box and serves Sarabia, who deceives Cibois with a precise strike from the penalty spot, without control.

41′. Strong time in Brest. Cardona strikes from outside the box but Rico is vigilant.

39 ‘. Big contact between Diallo and Le Douaron in the Paris area. After a small bridge on the defender, the Brestois tries to pass between two opponents but collapses. The referee does not flinch.

37′. Danilo concedes a corner in front of Cardona. This one will not give anything.

35 ‘. Mbappé close to double! Perfectly served by Verratti, the Frenchman tries his luck from the left, low to the ground. His shot fails on the left post of Cibois.

34′. On the occasion of a rare offensive from his own, Philippoteaux centers in the area. Rico picks up easily.

32′. Draxler takes care of it but finds no one. Cibois avoids the danger.

31′. Philippoteaux is at fault on Sarabia. An interesting free kick for Paris.

30′. The locals fail to keep the ball. Paris connects the recoveries and exerts constant pressure on the Brest surface.

27′. Small alert for Mbappé, hit in the left ankle after contact with Cibois. The striker of the France team gets up after a few moments.

25′. At the entrance to the surface, Sarabia tests Cibois. The goalkeeper trained at PSG is attentive and captures effortlessly.

21′. At the end of a beautiful collective movement, Philippoteaux tries to wind the right foot in the Parisian surface. His attempt flees Rico’s cage. Goal kick.

18′. Stirring, Mbappé is stopped by Brassier, who puts the ball in touch.

16′. Bakker center left side. In the Brest area, Sarabia places a header that does not find the frame.

15′. Kehrer’s solid defense against Fadiga, left side. The German gets a six yards.

13′. Brest tries to react by Pierre-Gabriel, found by Philippoteaux, right side. But he does not dare take a volley and is dispossessed of the ball by Bakker.

10′. Faulty on the opening goal, the young Fadiga seems dejected.

9 ‘. BUUUUUUUT from Mbappé! Fadiga, on loan from PSG this winter, loses the ball in the central circle, in front of Verratti. The Italian launches Mbappé who accelerates then releases a powerful strike with the left foot, which ends its race in the right window of Cibois. 1-0 for Paris!

7′. First big opportunity for PSG! Baal throws himself into his six yards to counter a shot from Sarabia, subtly served by Bakker.

6′. The Parisians monopolize the ball in these first minutes. For now, they come up against a very disciplined Brest block.

4′. Brest incursion into the PSG camp. Favre relies on Pierre-Gabriel before he follows in the Paris area. Paredes keeps the danger away.

3′. First corner obtained Mbappé after a good job on the left of the area. This one will not give anything.

2′. Associated with Diallo in central defense, Danilo recovers a first ball in front of his surface. The Portuguese heal his recovery.

START OF THE MATCH. Mbappé kicks off.

21h07. The players of both teams make their appearance on the lawn of the Francis-Le Blé stadium.

21h05. The meeting will be refereed by Jérôme Brisard.

21h00. The two opponents of the evening remain on a success in Ligue 1. On Wednesday, PSG won with difficulty in Bordeaux thanks to a goal from Pablo Sarabia (1-0), when Brest dominated Dijon (3-1).

20h55. Brest holders: Pierre-Gabriel, Duverne (cap.), Brassier, Baal – Belkebla, Fadiga – Le Douaron, Faivre, Philippoteaux – Cardona

20h45. The composition of PSG has fallen! Mauricio Pochettino has decided to start Kylian Mbappé and Marco Verratti, back after an absence. The Italian will wear the captain’s armband, a rare thing. The holder of the trophy approaches the meeting with a reworked eleven, especially in defense. Angel Di Maria will start the match on the bench.

The holders: Rico – Kehrer, Danilo, Diallo, Bakker – Herrera, Paredes, Verratti (cap.) – Sarabia, Mbappé, Draxler.

20h40. Head to Brest, and not to Barcelona? Beware of the trap for Mauricio Pochettino’s men. This Saturday, they will have to keep in mind the qualification for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France and disregard the shock against Barça that awaits them on Wednesday, in the Champions League.

20h35. If the SB29 knows itself to be less strong on paper, its ambitions are clear. “Paris wants to win everything. But we are here to do the feat, warned coach Olivier Dall’Oglio. Football and the Coupe de France are irrational. If there is a flaw, we have to jump into it. “

20h32. Winners of the competition for the 13th time in their history last July (1-0 victory against Saint-Etienne in the final), the Parisians want to continue their momentum after their qualification in Caen on February 10.

8:30 p.m. Good evening everyone and welcome to this football night! PSG move on the lawn of Brest in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Start of the match at 9:10 p.m.

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