News Brest-PSG: "I did not expect our best match," concedes...

Brest-PSG: "I did not expect our best match," concedes Tuchel


PSG ended up winning this Saturday afternoon in Brest (2-1) after a half-hearted performance, due to the many changes in the starting lineup according to coach Thomas Tuchel. The German readily concedes that he did not expect much better.

What do you remember from this success?

THOMAS TUCHEL. I really like this victory. A lot of changes have been made, including players lacking rhythm and confidence, like Layvin (Kurzawa), Edi (Cavani), Draxler. The changes were necessary to stay fresh. It was not easy in the first period with the wind against us. We had opportunities to accelerate but we made technical mistakes. The second period was easier to control. But we leave an opportunity to the opponent, who scores. A good reaction was shown afterwards. I felt like we really believed it. We deserved to win. We are the first to win here!

Have you been afraid of not winning?

Not at all. We changed a lot of players. I did not expect our best match, or a lot of automatisms. I told the players. But I was convinced that we could be ready to fight with Brest. Everyone is tired, too. But we are able to continue.

What happened with Keylor Navas?

He told me about muscle pain and was afraid it would get worse. He tried to warm up but it was not possible. It's nothing serious and we had confidence in Sergio (Editor's note: Rico).

How does Cavani feel psychologically? Is it possible to manage this competitive situation with Icardi?

It's not easy to play against this team, here for an attacker. He lacks rhythm. He must manage this competition. It's like that for his job. Sometimes you are in a phase where you feel good, there is a bit of luck, everything goes perfectly. Mauro is in this phase. It's always difficult for an attacker, a very sensitive position. But we have no choice but to accept this situation and work hard. Mauro is in a phase where he deserved to play.

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World News :

Do you fear the international truce when you lost Gueye and Neymar on injury in October?

If I can decide, I give everybody a week of vacation (Laughter). I really hope I do not have any new injuries to deal with. We need all the players. As I said before, there are too many international matches. We kill the players.

Mbappé can he play with the team of France?

Today (Note: this Saturday), he could not. But that does not mean that he will not be able to play with the France team. He was injured, played a lot on the way back, this was not the time to risk a new injury.


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