Brest – PSG: Romain Faivre, ex-fan of the Titis

Tonight, of course, there will be no ambiguity. Because with time, everything goes away, because with time, too, everything vanishes. Except, perhaps, the nicest memories. Images of the past, this round of 16 of the Coupe de France has inevitably revived a lot in the head of Romain Faivre (22 years old). Because what the number 21 in the middle of the Stade Brestois does not say is that before, well before making a place for itself in the heart of the Breton game, it is for Paris that its thrilling toddler has long vibrated.

“At home, the question of which team to support has never even been asked, laughs moreover one of his relatives. These two older brothers, Lenny and Yohan, were crazy about PSG. Romain couldn’t like any other team than Paris. “

Born two days after the coronation of Zidane and the Blues

Nor, undoubtedly, to exercise a profession other than that of footballer. Born under a lucky star, two days after the world title of Zidane and the French team of Aimé Jacquet, the kid from the city of Luth de Gennevilliers, very quickly showed a certain talent with the ball. “It’s very simple, Romain was the only child allowed to play with us, laughs Lenny, eight years his senior. It amused everyone to see a kid dribbling the big ones. This is also, I think, which allowed him to develop his technique and his sense of dribbling. “

His admiration for the idols of the Park is undoubtedly no stranger to it either. Very quickly, he dreams of slaloming like Ronaldinho, the first icon to decorate the walls of his child’s room, to follow in the footsteps of a Pauleta whose jersey he often wears, and to make his left paw speak, like then does Nenê. Too small to follow his older brothers in the stands on match nights, he is however the only one to tread the lawn of the Parisian enclosure during a U11 tournament with the Lute team. He comes out with stars in his eyes and the certainty that he will come back one day as a pro player.

A father who is a fan of OM

Unable to be able to return there, it is in front of the TV, in the family living room, that he follows his team at heart. Alongside Marc, his father, an OM fan, the evenings are often lively. But they also reserve beautiful emotions. The most beautiful ? Amara Diané’s double in 2008 against Sochaux who saves Paris from relegation to Ligue 2. “And yes, it was not today’s Paris,” laughs Lenny. There were more galleys than Champions League nights. But we were so overjoyed that night. This evening is memorable for the whole family. Romain, he was 10 years old, at the time he had no choice, he ate, slept and dreamed of PSG. “

But over time, we don’t like it anymore. Or less. Tonight, on the lawn of Francis-Le-Blé, the international hopes (1 selection, 1 goal) author of 5 goals and 3 assists in 28 L1 games, will not ask any questions, will obviously have no feelings for this club that made him dream for a long time. “The whole family will be Brestoise, assures Lenny besides before tempering his ardor. If I react to it, I wouldn’t think like that. But my brother’s heart tells me that Paris can ease off a bit, let Romain play a great game and focus on the Champions League. If they go to the end, no one will blame them for losing in the round of 16 in Brest. “

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