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We didn’t have to wait until March and confinement to know that 2020 was a rotten year. As of February 11, “Notre-Dame de la BD” – the expression is Blutch – died out. Claire Bretécher, a rare comic book monument to have managed to rise high enough to become a figure of the time, passed away at 79 and left a few broken hearts. Today, a mastoc box comes to bring together all of its publications, Pilot to the Small Crosses of 2018, and recall that the art of Bretécher, in the preface by Eric Aeschimann (l’Obs, ex-Libé) qualified for “Slap box”, always hit just as well. The qualifiers that are generally attached to him, that of a sociologist twisting the tics of his contemporaries, charging head first against left-wing right-thinking, should not lock him in the role of a sixty-eight columnist. Sprawled on a sofa, the French of today is not so different from that of the 70s. The points of attachment differ a little, but not the anxieties, the desires, the obsessions which cross the couple, the family, quads or teens that everything «Faiche». So much so that one would swear that Bretécher sometimes speaks of anagrams. Feminists today have little to teach the brilliant Cellulite, a princess surrounded by not-so-charming princes. Immerse yourself in All Bretécher, It is also an opportunity to measure the richness of his language, his simple and elegant inventiveness, and in this turbulent design, where the simplicity of the throw always just hides an extraordinary mastery.

Marius Chapuis

All Bretécher box in two volumes, ed. Dargaud, 900 pp., € 98.


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