Brewers hire woman as hitting coordinator

The Milwaukee Brewer they named Sara Goodrum as the hitting coordinator at their headquarters in Minor leagues in the MLB. Goodrum became the first woman hired by a team from the MLB to do this management.

He vice president of minor league operations for the Cerveceros, Tom Flanagan, tI have a few words regarding your new signature:

Having seen her work with our hitters, not that she came from another department where she had no interactions with our player development staff, She has been there, on the front lines, working with our hitters to some degree. “

And I think his capacity is unique “Flanagan added. “They give her a very different perspective in terms of different training techniques that she probably has experience with and feels that she can implement and help reestablish our hitting resume and help our hitters train better and be better across our entire system. Just watching her work, all of our hitting coaches and player development staff feel that she can really impact hitting. “

The vice president of minor league operations for the Brewers, Tom Flanagansaid Thursday that “As far as we know, she would be the first” woman to hold that position in a franchise MLB.

Here the report;

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