Brezhnev in a sweatshirt and trousers in a warehouse in Poland

The ex-soloist of the group “VIAGRA” Vera Brezhneva left glamor until better times.

Vera Brezhneva. Photo: social networks

Popular singer Vera Brezhnev for quite a long time she did not go on stage and did not take part in filming, fashion shows and social events.

The star is now busy with a business far from show business. Vera Brezhneva, who has been living in her villa in Italy for the past three months, has finally changed her location and moved to Poland.

Here Vera Brezhneva works together with ordinary people in stockwhere humanitarian aid is delivered to Ukraine.

In the microblog, Vera Brezhneva tells in detail and shows what she does in the warehouse. The star, along with other women, unloads trucks and then completes the boxes for shipment to Ukraine. Everyone works weekends.

Vera Brezhneva in a warehouse in Poland.
Vera Brezhneva in a warehouse in Poland. Photo: social networks

“On Sunday at 17:00, I barely kicked everyone out to close the warehouse. Everyone works as efficiently as possible, they get tired, but in the morning they come again. Mothers have nowhere to leave their children, they take them with them. There is a room and toys for children,” said Vera Brezhneva.

She showed me how she looks these days. Not even a hint of the past glamor. Vera Brezhneva is dressed as simply as possible, she does not style her hair and does almost no makeup. The star dressed in sneakers, a light green sweatshirt and gray wide trousers.

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