Brian May suffered a heart attack after his gardening accident

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Brian May, legendary guitarist for Queen, has revealed that he suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital in a state of “agony.” Apparently, his gardening accident, which was such and with which he tore his buttock muscles, was not the most serious ailment that the artist suffered.

May has sung, “The Sun” reports, that doctors discovered she had three blocked arteries after feeling a chest pain that lasted about 40 minutes. And it is that the guitarist of Queen, according to an account posted in the same post on his Instagram, has detailed that although he was hospitalized for a gardening injury, later it turned out to be much more serious than everyone had thought.

After tearing a muscle in his gluteus maximus while working in the garden, the 72-year-old rocker was in “agony” for another week. In the clip, Brian says: “I told you I had a broken muscle and that was the way I was diagnosed and we thought it was like a weird gardening accident … but it turned out not to be really the case anyway.” .

The process went like this: “They did an MRI and yes, I had a tear in my gluteus maximus and it is so easy to make a connection, there is a tear there that must be the cause of the pain, the end of the story. And no other tests were done. Now a week later I am still in agony. I mean the real agony. I wanted to jump at some points. I couldn’t believe the pain. And people say, “That’s not like a torn muscle,” so I eventually had another MRI. .


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