Brice “Koh-Lanta” reveals all the secret behind the scenes of the show, hygiene, s * x * bedridden .. the web is shocked!

If you thought you knew everything about KohLanta, here is a subject that should surprise you! One of the most iconic contestants this season is making revelations about the intimate relationships between the adventurers. Brice delivers some secrets on the privacy of the candidates and their hygiene in the camp.

Become in a few weeks, a real star, the young man blew viewers away with his abilities. He has also become a star on social networks and particularly on Instagram. Brice can from now on count on a community of 40,000 followers obviously very diligent. He therefore took advantage of this new celebrity to indulge in a game of questions and answers with his subscribers. Very impatient and visibly inspired, Internet users did not hesitate to question him on subjects which are usually taboo. But for Brice, there was no question of using the language of wood. The young candidate has agreed to answer all the questions of his fans.


As very often during these exchanges between candidates and viewers, the issue of love life was addressed. And for Brice the answer is very simple: there is none! ” It’s impossible ! We’re so tired, we just think of surviving and staying in the game as long as possible. We think of a big steak and not a pair of f **** s. The kiki is rest on the plane before arriving on the island! “ ahe said in a humorous tone. Some of his followers also asked him how the candidates ensured their hygiene. And on this subject, Brice was very clear. The shooting conditions are indeed quite trying. And the facilities don’t look like a 4 star at all.

It is truly a life in the midst of nature. ” We have absolutely nothing, the girls just have tampons if needed. For me, hygiene was: rinsing in sea water after my needs, and small branches to rub your teeth a little ” he wanted to clarify. The new darling of viewers had even given some details on where he was defecating: ” For me it was forest. I assure you that when you are squatting 17,000 km from your home between two palm trees to do your business, you feel very lonely ”.

Concerning love on the island of KohLanta, hunger and physical weakness therefore leave no room for feelings. And although deep friendships are formed each year, none have yet taken the plunge. Because when the adventurers are not filmed, their time is really spent sleeping and looking for food. Even though some claim to have been sorely bored during this time, there is no room for love. But according to another adventurer, the production of KohLanta would nevertheless have made certain arrangements. Fans of programme of adventure naturally remember the 25-year-old nurse, named Inès. Last March, the same kind of questions had already been asked of the young woman. And she too had had the same type of response regarding intimate relations at the camp. On the other hand, the beautiful adventurer had nevertheless revealed a little secret: ”For my part, it absolutely did not cross my mind for a single second. But, in fact, there are protections in the pharmacy kit just in case “. One more proof that the production of KohLanta really think of everything!

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