“Bride Dons Superman Costume for Wedding Day, Shows True Love”

2023-05-26 01:20:52

A bride knows that her husband likes Superman very much, so on the wedding day, she forgoes wearing a white gown and dresses up as Superman, and asks her husband to marry his “favorite” and go home. (Picture / Recap of Jiupai News)

This is true love! Every year on May 20th, many lovers will choose this day to promise each other for life. A couple in Zhengzhou, Henan Province in mainland China also held their wedding on this day this year. Although the bride herself is not a fan of Ultraman (Salted Egg Superman), but because she knows her husband loves him very much, when she is waiting for her husband to welcome her, she does not choose to wear the romantic white gauze dress that girls love, but puts on a A complete set of Superman costumes, dancing in front of the wedding reception team led by her husband, made the groom who opened the door to welcome the bride super dumbfounded, but moved and said, “I didn’t expect to marry Ultraman.”

According to a report by Mainland China’s “Jiu Pai News”, the groom, Mr. Zheng, said that on the day of his marriage, he originally played games with the bridesmaid and best man outside the room. But at this moment, the door of the bride’s room opened suddenly. The groom thought that he would simply pick up the bride, but he didn’t expect that as soon as he entered the door of the bride’s room, he saw a real Ultraman (Superman) standing on the bed wait for me.

Mr. Zheng said frankly, “At the moment I was a little confused, and I was stunned at the door.” Later, I realized that I didn’t have a wife who liked Salted Egg Superman very much. Dressed up as Superman, “I didn’t expect that she would be willing to do such a thing for me”, and I was really touched.

Mr. Zheng mentioned that he and his other half have known each other for 9 years and have been together for 7 years. His wife doesn’t like Superman, but he is just the opposite and has always liked Superman. And the wife herself is a lively and interesting girl, who often prepares some small surprises for him. This time, during the wedding reception, she turned into a salted egg superman and let her husband marry home. It really made him unforgettable and happy. (Please click me for the video)

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