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Last monday, appeared on the virtual red carpet at the 2021 Golden Globes. The Irish actress, who recently starred in “”On Netflix, she was included in British Vogue’s annual Best Dressed List. But while she was praised for her lemon-yellow Molly Goddard gown, not everything at the celebration went as expected.

has become in the top of the most viewed series of Netflix and each of the actors have managed to gain great fame before the spectators and Nicola is no exception. During the series, Nicola Coughlan She wore an endless number of eye-catching outfits like the one she wore at the Golden Globes. Due to his striking style, he has managed to position himself as an icon of fashion outside the cameras.

At the gala of the Golden Globes, Nicola combined a tulle dress by the British designer Molly Goddard with diamond jewels The Bears and a black cardigan from Ply-Knits. Her makeup, a touch of pink eyeshadow to add a little more color, yet simple but effective for the entire look she wore, wore a trio of green bobby pins in her hair for a complete look and a harmony of colors that with her complexions matched perfectly.

In general, red carpet galas are always the focus of the media, event commentators and many critics, this time one of the journalists in charge of covering the event, addressing Nicola, he did it by calling hergorda, what caused me to receive a blunt response from the actress. Keep reading and find out the details of what happened in networks.


Nicola Coughlan’s response to Amanda Richards (Photo: Capture)

In , Amanda Richards, presenter of The Big Calf Podcast, referred to Coughlan What “The fat girl from Bridgerton”. “The fat girl from Bridgerton wears a black cardigan at the Golden Globes, because no matter how sexy and elegant you are, if you are a fat girl, there will always be a black cardigan that you will think about wearing and then decide against, but ultimately instance, use because you feel you have to “, published the journalist.

Hours later, Coughlan responded to the podcast host’s tweet. “I thought the cardigan looked great, Molly Goddard wore them on her runway with the dresses, that’s where the idea came from”, answered. “Besides, I have a name.”.


Nicola Coughlan defended herself against Amanda's negative comment (Photo: Shethepeople)
Nicola Coughlan defended herself against Amanda’s negative comment (Photo: Shethepeople)

Yes OK Richards did not respond to the tweet of Coughlan, He responded to another commentator with whom he defended the actress’s style. “Nicola has an incredible style. He is not afraid to show his body. I think it was a choice rather than a cover-up. “The journalist wrote in an attempt to fix what she had already caused on the social network.

“Okay, his style is killer. And it was a choice! She answered me and said it well, she correctly caught my attention for not using her name “, answered Richards. “I definitely projected my own feelings about the fat woman who needed the cardigan to cover herself in that look.”

In response to Amanda, Coughlan mentioned an opinion piece he wrote for in 2018. In the room, Coughlan recalls a critic referring to her as a “Overweight girl who will always become the butt of her peers” after playing Joyce Emily in a London production of “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”.


“Everything I had done to create my character had come down to a hurtful word and a casual comment about my appearance.”, wrote. “It’s worth noting that at no point in the Spark novel or David Harrower’s adaptation is Joyce Emily’s weight referenced, not in one place.”

“So yeah, we’re in 2021. It would be nice if we didn’t have to keep having this conversation. I would really love if they never asked me about it in an interview again “. Conversing with in December, Coughlan shared that she does not consider herself a body positivity activist. “I know people say it in the best possible way, but I always tell them, ‘I’m not a body positivity activist.'”he told the publication.

“There are so many amazing people who are, and I admire them and think they are wonderful, but that’s not my focus. I am an actress. That is the fundamental thing for me “. Coughlan she recently gained a ton of fans after her role as Penelope Featherington in “Bridgerton” of Netflix, which will ultimately position her above other actresses for future productions of the company

Besides Penelope, she was also Lady Whistledown in “Bridgerton” (Photo: Netflix)


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