Bridgerton teaches a lesson against racism

If there is one series that has achieved immediate success, it is Bridgerton. Released on December 25, 2020, it reached 82 million views in just 28 days, surpassing major productions such as The witcher becoming, at least until a few months ago, the most watched tape on Netflix.

Bridgerton, which was based on the books by Julia Quinn, takes place in the competitive world of 19th-century London high society when young women were presented to court and defined their marital status. However, it should be noted that this is not what stands out from the plot.

It is that, very different from what the original writer tells in his books, Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix production includes people of color in its cast. Without going any further, the main character, the interpreter of Simón Basset, Regé-Jean Page, occupies a high-ranking position, something totally unexpected, especially at the time when the tape takes place where blacks were considered to be lower.

The characters of Bridgerton. Photo: (Netflix)

But, despite the fact that with this type of inclusions Bridgerton shattered all kinds of racist ploys, since it’s not just Jean Page the only actor of color, the show has been criticized for precisely this reason. According to some fans of this story, England did not have any colored people among its inhabitants at the time the series tells.

Kathryn Drysdale à Bridgerton.  Photo : (Netflix)

Kathryn Drysdale à Bridgerton. Photo : (Netflix)

It is for this same reason that the actress Kathryn Drysdale, who played Geneviève Delacroix, the one responsible for making the dresses for all the women in the series, was the first to react to the comments of the fans. “His presence has been erased, but his existence in these stories has been very, very real,” he said.

Even if, in addition to these sayings, the artist wondered about the fact that blacks are still used to tell stories of suffering and slaves. And, after that, she claimed that she is happy that you shoot like Bridgerton have included that kind of diversity in their characters.

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