Bright meteors spotted on Saturday night

The Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) reported that several bright meteors were observed from Puerto Rico on Saturday night, including a fireball that was captured on video at around 10:47 at night.

In a statement, the entity indicated that some observers reported that the fireball showed a striking and colorful wake, while others even perceived a sound.

“The detail that it emitted a sound is extremely interesting, because as we know light travels faster than sound, but on several occasions a simultaneous sound with a meteor has been recorded. It is known as an electrophonic meteor, “said Eddie Irizarry, vice president of the SAC, in written statements.

He pointed out that it is a slight sound and explained that sometimes some meteors emit very low radio frequencies, which cause vibrations in objects on the earth’s surface and that our ears perceive as a sound similar to a fryer or a flare, while others They compare it to the sound of “Christmas stars”.

The SAC highlighted that last Monday, January 11, another bright meteor was sighted from the island. In addition, it pointed out that another sighted on the night of Saturday, January 16, also came from the constellation of Cancer.

“This means that it is linked to the Delta Cancrids, which produce a few but bright meteors,” said the educational entity.

The trajectory of the fragments that cause the Delta Cancrids is somewhat similar to that of the asteroid 2001 YB5, so it is not ruled out that they are residues released by this space rock.

The organization had anticipated that this “drizzle” of meteors could cause the sighting of a few, until January 24, mainly around the 17th of this month.


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