Brigitte Macron says she is in favor of judicial reform to fight incest

Brigitte Macron at the launch of the Yellow Pieces in January 2020 – DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES-POOL / SIPA

Brigitte Macron, said this Sunday she wanted a judicial reform to fight against incest, a crime recently highlighted by the Olivier Duhamel case. “It’s difficult to talk about it, it’s courageous to talk about it”, but “it is absolutely necessary that these acts be known and that these acts are not kept silent”, affirmed the wife of the head of the State, on TF1, on the occasion of the launch of the Yellow Pieces operation which helps young hospitalized people.

Asked about the need for a “judicial reform” to which the executive is considering, she first replied that it was “a field on which” she did not want to go, before adding: ” I wish it, I hope so, I am calling for it ”. Previously, she had underlined that the “central theme this year” of the Yellow Pieces operation was “the hospital, screening for violence, for all violence, whether physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence. to children sponsored by teams which will be totally »dedicated.

Violence screening

“Because we realized that one day or another, all these children, all these teenagers have passed or are going to the hospital”. “We must, at that time that we identify them, that we include them in a course of care”, she added, stressing that it was “particularly close to her heart”. Incest remains a deeply taboo subject in society and still minimized, while it is massive in France with nearly one in ten people potentially affected.

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