Brigitte Macron to sue after transphobic rumors about her

The First Lady, targeted on Twitter by absurd rumors, accusing her of being a man named Jean-Michel Trogneux, will file a complaint.

The false transphobic information circulating about Brigitte Macron is not taken lightly by the First Lady. Contacted, his entourage confirms in fact at Figaro that Brigitte Macron intends to initiate proceedings and that a complaint will be filed against the instigators of this rumor about her identity.

For several days, the hashtag #JeanMichelTrogneux was indeed among the most discussed subjects in France on Twitter. This false information, both deceptive and transphobic, has been widely relayed by a myriad of social network users versed in conspiracy theories.

Brigitte Macron is not, however, the first public woman to be the victim of such a campaign of disinformation. Former US First Lady Michelle Obama, as well as the current Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, have both been victims of false accusations over their gender identity.


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