“Bringing up the curfew to 8 pm is a serious option”

According to Marc Van Ranst, the stagnant figures prove at least one thing: “A small hard core of Belgians does not adhere to the measures”. And this therefore has repercussions on the evolution of the epidemic here. Because if everyone respected the current measures 100% and not 90%, “the curves would drop and not stagnate as is currently the case”, adds the virologist on the set of VTM Nieuws.

He also notes more traffic on the roads. And not just because of the reopening of stores. “There are a lot of people at work,” he says, explaining that although teleworking works very well in the majority of cases, this is not always the case for SMEs.

What to do in the face of this observation? One thing is certain for Marc Van Ranst, we should bring the curfew to 8 p.m. (as in France or Germany) in order to avoid lockdown parties. “Everyone knows the situation is serious. It is too early to predict the range of options that can still be made. It’s unfortunate, because the curve would decrease if everyone followed the rules. Our population is now sufficiently educated to realize that the current situation is not good. “


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