Britain cut off Huawei hard. Chinese technology will completely ban the construction of 5G networks

The British government has banned local mobile operators from using the technologies of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies after the construction of fifth generation (5G) networks after 31 December this year. The British Minister of Digitization, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, announced this at a meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) on Tuesday. The Chinese company said in response that London’s decision was disappointing and saw US pressure behind it.

“It was not an easy decision, but for British mobile operators, national security and our economy, it is undoubtedly the right one, both now and in the long term,” Dowden quoted the server as saying. BBC News.

At the same time, mobile operators must remove existing technologies from Huawei by 2027 at the latest.

At the beginning of this year, the government allowed the Chinese company at least a partial share in setting up networks for superfast internet. Behind the cabinet’s current move are doubts about the safety of Huawei’s technologies, as well as recent US sanctions.

According to Washington, Huawei technologies pose a security threat, and Beijing uses them for espionage, according to Washington. China has long denied the allegations. US President Donald Trump is pushing US allies, including Britain, to exclude Huawei from building 5G networks. Prime Minister Johnson’s government hopes that when Britain leaves the European Union, it will succeed in concluding a lucrative trade agreement with the United States. The dispute over Huawei could significantly complicate the British-American negotiations.

London’s decision on Huawei certainly angers China. Relations between the two countries are already strained due to Beijing’s approach to Hong Kong, which used to be a British colony. According to Reuters, some British politicians are also convinced that Chinese officials are not telling the whole truth about coronavirus, which spread from the world’s most populous country earlier this year.

According to spokesman Huawei, “unfortunately, our future in Britain has become a subject of politics, it is an American trade policy, not security.” He also said according to Reuters that the ban on the use of Huawei technology in British 5G networks is “bad news for anyone in Britain who has a mobile phone”. With this move, he said, Britain has voluntarily joined the digital “slow lane”.

Britain’s largest telephone operator BT said it needed to analyze the details of the ban on Huawei technology in terms of costs and impact on its future business. The Finnish company Nokia has stated that the technology provided by Huawei is ready to replace in the UK.

The head of the French cyber security agency Guillaume Poupard said last week that his country will not ban Huawei technology in 5G networks, but will discourage their French operators from cooperating with the Chinese company. Germany has not yet taken a political decision on this matter.

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