Britain has launched a project for residents of Crimea – will be able to obtain Ukrainian passports

The UK has launched a project to support Ukrainians who live in the occupied Crimea. Thanks to this project, they will be able to visit hospitals in the Kherson region, as well as receive Ukrainian passports.

It is reported that on the seventh anniversary of the illegal annexation of Crimea, Great Britain is announcing funding for a new project. It is expected to make it easier for Crimeans to access vital services.

London is providing £ 168,000 ($ 235,000) to support local authorities in the Kherson region. Thus, residents of Crimea will be able to visit local hospitals and receive Ukrainian passports.

“The UK, together with Ukraine, opposes the illegal annexation of Crimea and will continue to support those whose lives have been affected by the illegal Russian aggression. Russia is trying to hide its human rights violations by restricting access to Crimea for international monitoring missions, but we will cooperate with the UN and other international partners, to ensure that Russia be held accountable, “said Dominic Raab.

In addition, Britain calls on Russia to immediately release all Ukrainian political prisoners.


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