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[Epoch Times News September 24, 2021](The Epoch TimesU.KReported by the reporter station) British media disclosed that this year the police have stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal traffic.Electric scooter(E-scooter). In the first half of this year, the English police confiscated more than 3,000 electric scooters, more than five times the amount last year.

According to The Sun, 87 vehicles were confiscated by the English police in 2019Electric scooter, But by 2020, 582 electric scooters have been confiscated. The number in the first half of this year was 3,002.

Electric scooters inU.KAccording to the law, it is regarded as a motor vehicle, so it cannot be driven on the sidewalk. If you want to drive on the road, the cyclist needs to have a driver’s license and purchase insurance.

However, currently the UK does not face the sale of insurance for privately owned electric scooters. Therefore, only driving an electric scooter rented from a company recognized by the British government can be used on the road, otherwise you will face a fine of up to 300 pounds and a driver’s license deduction. point.

According to figures obtained by The Sun, the Metropolitan Police Service confiscated 2,070 electric scooters in the first half of this year, the largest number in England.

The police said: “Except for the electric scooters in Transport for London’s test project, riding electric scooters is still illegal and may be dangerous. The Metropolitan Police Agency will continue to evaluate the role of electric scooters in street crime. We know that Londoners are very concerned about this.”◇

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