British Queen Advisor Chosen as ICC Attorney


THE HAGUE – The parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC) select the original attorney English , Karim Khan, as the new prosecutor for a nine-year term starting 16 June.

Khan won a secret vote against three other candidates to replace top prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. The 123-member international tribunal in The Hague began work nearly 20 years ago. ICC tasked with dealing with war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and crimes of aggression.

“Karim’s extensive experience in international law will be critical in ensuring we hold those responsible for the most heinous crimes accountable and get justice for their victims,” ​​UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab posted on Twitter. Reuters, Saturday (13/2/2021).

British lawyer Karim is best known for leading the United Nations special investigative team investigating ISIS crimes in Iraq.

In her 27-year legal career, this Advisor to the Queen of England has worked for nearly every international criminal tribunal in her role in prosecution, defense and as an advisor to victims. At the ICC, Khan is well-known as a key defense advisor working on cases from Kenya, Sudan and Libya.

There has been intense political strife for the top office of the ICC at a time of intense scrutiny of the prosecutor’s office.

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