Britney Spears: That’s why Sister Jamie Lynn was silent

Britney Spears
That is why Sister Jamie Lynn was silent

Jamie Lynn Spears defended herself in an Instagram story.

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After the court hearing of her sister Britney, Jamie Lynn Spears has now commented on the guardianship case.

Jamie Lynn Spears (30) has commented on her sister Britney Spears (39). She recently broke her silence. The singer, who, according to court files, has been fighting against her father’s guardianship since 2014, reported in court for the first time on Wednesday (23.06.) In detail how her family and management control her and how she suffers from it.

The only reason she hasn’t commented on it yet is because Jamie Lynn starts her message in an Instagram story, is, “I felt that my sister was able to speak for herself and say publicly what she thought she should say”. She always felt as if it was not her place to speak her mind about the guardianship dispute, said Jamie Lynn Spears. But after her sister has now spoken “very clearly” about it, they will now also speak out.

“I think it’s perfectly clear that since the day I was born I have exclusively loved, adored and supported my sister,” says Jamie Lynn. She was always concerned about her sister’s happiness. “I made a conscious choice to be part of their lives only as their sister, the boys’ aunt. Maybe I didn’t support them as the public would have liked, but I did long before it was a hashtag and I will continue to support them for a long time afterwards, “she says, rejecting criticism. The hashtag #FreeBritney on social media had organized a whole movement. People even took to the streets to protest for the singer’s release.

She is so proud of Britney that she took this step and that she requested a new lawyer, as she advised her many years ago, explains Jamie Lynn further. “Not in public, but only in a personal conversation between two sisters.” Regardless of how her sister decides, she will support her 100 percent, explains the 30-year-old in conclusion.

She is denied a self-determined life

According to her own statements, Britney Spears cannot determine herself through the guardianship. Among other things, she is said to have been told that she could not get married or have a baby. Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, who has been the guardian of his daughter since 2008, receives $ 16,000 a month for this task. According to her testimony in court, he should take great pleasure in controlling her. “The control he had over someone as powerful as me – he loved the control of hurting his own daughter 100,000 percent. He loved it,” explained the singer.


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