Bro Daddy review | കാറ്റത്താടില്ല This is the story of the Katadi family; ‘Bro Daddy’ is ready

Ever since the announcement of the movie’s title, the title has been ‘Bro Daddy’. Some even tried to find the meaning by translating it into Malayalam; ‘Bro Daddy’, or ‘Uncle’. Will ‘Chettachan’ return in another film starring Mohanlal, who introduced a Malayalee of the same name 24 years ago? The ‘Bro Daddy’ trailer has become another head start for speculation. When the question arises as to whether the father is the elder brother or not, Prithviraj replies that he is his father.

Mohanlal’s 1994 film ‘Pavithram’ was about a mother of two young men who became pregnant for the third time and called her younger siblings ‘Chettachan’. The plot was about Mohanlal devoting his life to raising his younger sister when he lost his parents.

Prithviraj is all set to become another ‘Chettachan’ in Malayalam cinema this time. Eesho John Katadi’s mother Annamma (Meena) who works in an advertising company and businessman father John Katadi (Mohanlal) are going to be the parents of a second child at this age. Although it does not become a big issue here, the plot of the movie is about the mischief and fun with the coming in of Iso’s girlfriend Anna (Kalyani Priyadarshan). The years of relationship and friendship between the families of Iso and Anna are indescribable.

The Hindi film ‘Badai Ho’, which narrated a similar story four years ago, and now ‘Bro Daddy’, reiterate the contemporary relevance of this theme then and how it is received by family and community. It is a coincidence that all three films, released in different years, came on the same streaming platform with a click of a difference.

Two years ago, the Malayalam movie ‘Dhamakka’ was similar. There is no need to approach ‘Bro Daddy’ as ‘Have you seen it before’ after hearing so much about three movies with the same one-liner.

The question of how long a family picture, mostly shot indoors and completed on fancy sets, will captivate the audience did not go unnoticed by those who watched the videos released before the release of ‘Bro Daddy’. It is clear from the film that director Prithviraj was careful not to let this rhetoric get the better of him in the story of two well – to – do families in the community.

Married at a very young age, Iso has been asking since childhood whether John and Annamma, the father and mother of a son, are his elder brothers. In the opening credits, which were known as the ‘skip’ hit area during the digital release era, you can see the ingenuity of presenting the early days of the family in a comic book form with John and Annamma’s Isha without boring the audience in front of the screen.

John and Iso do not seem to be father and son in appearance or action as expected. The character of the man is more or less clear when he says that this ‘Iso’ is the only son whom the Lord often calls Iso to his parents with his arms around him. It is this father-mother-son relationship that enables Iso to hold on to the crisis of life.

Annamma and Anna, who call each other by name, are characters who often deal with situations that need to be resolved.

Like the protagonist and the family, the heroine’s family fills the film from beginning to end. Lalu Alex as Anna’s father Kurian Maliyekkala and Kaniha as mother LC Kurian are also pillars of the film. In the movie ‘Chocolate’, Palakkaran, who whistles and encourages his daughter’s love, starts with Mathaichan. Expect some suspense.

Despite being a bit harsh, Kurien Maliyekkal becomes a father who has never seen Malayalam cinema before in the climax scene. ‘Bro Daddy’ also has the vision of becoming the mature mother of Kaniha, a young actress who is familiar with Malayalam cinema as a housewife and heroine. Kaniha has successfully embraced this change.

Although there are countless characters in the film, the screen space given to each one is significant. As seen in many previous films, the film stars actor Sukumaran as Chacko Katadi, the father of John Katadi. Mallika Sukumaran also excels in her role as a mother.

Dr. Jagadeesh, a common friend of both the families. Samuel is remarkable. Saubin Shahir, who is well versed in comedy roles, can be seen on screen as event manager Happy Pinto. Jafar Idukki as Father Edward in guest roles, Unni Mukundan as Cyril’s son – in – law of Samuel Doctor and producer Anthony Perumbavoor play a brief role.

Prithviraj has made his debut and his first directorial venture into a notable film in Malayalam cinema. Still, Prithviraj’s director has given the audience a reason to wait with eyes and ears. If you trust director Prithviraj, who does not give up even the slightest interference when moving the camera backwards, you can boldly set aside your screen time for Bro Daddy.

Those waiting to enjoy an interesting family picture can watch ‘Bro Daddy’ on Disney + Hotstar.

Summary: Review of Malayalam movie Bro Daddy headlined by Mohanlal and Prithviraj. The film also stars Meena, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Lalu Alex and Kaniha in pivotal roles

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