Broken blood vessels, Ferry Irawan was injected 15 times in the head

Jakarta, Insertlive

Health condition Ferry Irawan reportedly not well. The old actor is called medium seriously ill. This news is shared Marcelino Lefrandt via uploads on social media.

Marcelino said that blood vessel on the head of Ferry broke. That makes Ferry have to get injections 15 times on the head.

“The pain that used to recur.. The blood vessels near the motor nerves have ruptured.. So last week it was injected at the PON Hospital.. In the head… 15 injections,” wrote Marcelino on Instagram, Monday (28/6).

Marcelino also invites people to fundraising for Ferry’s recovery. Marcelino said that Ferry is one of the talented artists in the Indonesian entertainment world.

“Social Fundraising Helping our friends who are suffering from serious illness. A soap opera artist in his era who excelled and entertained us all, Ferry Irawan,” wrote Marcelino.

“For the servant of God who cares and wants to share a little bit of his sustenance, please directly transfer it to his personal account BCA acc: 5240253382 AN: R. Ferry Irawan Kusuma…,” closed Marcelino.

Ferry has not appeared in the entertainment world for a long time. Lately, Ferry looks more religious because he often shares uploads about advice in Islamic teachings.

Ferry also briefly reported the condition of his wife who had a stroke in August 2020. Ferry was seen always accompanying his wife who was in recovery.

“Even if you just look … what is important is refreshing for you .. Biat recovers quickly..stay in spirit … And don’t forget..pray to Allah SWT .. The One Who Gives Healing Amen …,” Ferry closed.

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