Browns’ Baker Mayfield on being booed by fans: “I don’t care”

Baker Mayfield will be the first to say he hasn’t played his best football lately.

Speaking to the media on Monday, he said he had “played like an s—” and was frustrated with his performance.

But when it comes to the boos he got from fans, he said he didn’t think much about it.

“It’s probably the fans who won’t be quiet while we’re on offense and trying to operate, so don’t really care,” Mayfield said.

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Mayfield’s comments came a day after his side edged out the winless Lions in a 13-10 result. After the game, Mayfield was not available for questions, although it is common for reporters to have the chance to speak with the starting quarterback.

Mayfield said “not part of it is not responsible” and explained that he was just frustrated with his performance.

“Yes, I was frustrated, among other things. I mean, I never dodged any questions or hid, so it’s not about that, ”Mayfield said. “Just frustrated, taken away the emotions and all that, just decided it was better to wait.” “

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The 2021 campaign has at times been a struggle for Mayfield and the Browns. The team started the season 3-1 but have been 3-3 and now sit last in AFC North.

Mayfield suffered injuries, including a tear to the labrum in his unpitched shoulder and a knee injury he sustained against the Patriots in Week 10.

As he has played through injuries, Mayfield has struggled, especially in his last two games. Against the Patriots and Lions, Mayfield completed just 52 percent of his passes for 249 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

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In his first eight games of the season, Mayfield completed 66.7% of his passes for 1,917 yards with eight touchdowns and three interceptions.

“For me the decision making was great. It was the lack of execution, ”Mayfield said of his game on Sunday. “I think there have been games where I’m not going to make all the throws. Nobody does that, but very, very frustrated with the way I was going with the ball compared to the results, and it’s very, very frustrating. I’ve always been a precise guy and that wasn’t the case yesterday. And it’s extremely frustrating for me when I feel like I’ve let my teammates down. The preparation week, everything went well before the match. I felt like I was in a good position to be able to play and play at a high level and I didn’t, so it’s a very frustrating thing. “

Mayfield and the Browns have a huge clash looming on Sunday as they take on the leading Northern Ravens in Sunday Night Football in Baltimore.

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