Bruckmühler donate 711 food bags for the needy

Happy about the success of the donation: Tafel manager Christine Stieber, managing director Martin Gruber and the deputy store manager Laureta Potoku (from left).

© Baumann

711 food bags for the Bruckmühler Tafel came together for the Rewe bag campaign “Fill plates together – we help on site”. They have now been handed over to the Tafel boss Christine Stieber.

From Johann Baumann

Bruckmühl – From October 20 to 31, customers could buy a bag full of non-perishable groceries for five euros, which were then collected and made available to the board.

The bags contain, among other things, tomato cream soup, spaghetti with tomato sauce, tortelloni, ricotta, spinach, long grain top rice, double biscuit and nut nougat cream.

“We received 711 bags from Rewe,” says the table manager Christine Stieber happily after the handover.

Although the previous year’s result of 761 bags was just missed, the chef at the table was very satisfied: “We thank you for the support and will give out the groceries to those in need at Christmas.”

Rewe managing director Martin Gruber reported that the campaign in Bruckmühl was particularly successful. “Our Bruckmühler Markt is number two in Bavaria. Thank you to all customers for taking part. “

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