Bruls wants rapid easing: ‘Current measures can no longer be taken’ | NOW

According to Hubert Bruls, mayor of Nijmegen and chairman of the national Security Council, the current corona measures can no longer be kept. According to him, the cabinet must relax within a few weeks, to start by making more possible in the open air, he says in the AD.

Bruls responds in the newspaper to the packed parks in the country, which became too busy due to the beautiful weather of the past days in Amsterdam and Nijmegen, and the intention of part of the catering industry to open the terraces next week against the rules. to throw open.

According to Bruls, it must be accepted that people are outside in an unregulated way. “We can only slightly allow it to become busy. I understand very well that after eleven months the support for the corona measures has decreased. Every measure is becoming worn out. We will no longer be punishing and enforcing 100 percent”, said Bruls.

The mayor does warn the catering industry that action will be taken when the terraces in his city open on Tuesday. Also have the other mayors in the Security Council Thursday indicated to act against the announced actions of the catering establishments.

Bruls expects the cabinet to come up with more relaxation within a few weeks: “It will take a while. But to be honest, I also find it difficult to explain why the hairdressers are allowed to open and the terraces are not.”


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