Brussels’ Grand-Place black with people: Marc Van Ranst furious

The virologist was, like many, shocked to see so many people on the Grand-Place in Brussels this Saturday evening.

Posted on 11/29/2020 at 12:35 pm

Through The Redaction and Belga

Lhe famous virologist Marc Van Ranst reacted strongly to the photos and videos of the Grand-Place in Brussels, which was very busy this Saturday evening. “Some people understand on their own, others understand when explained to them, and some will never understand,” the scientist wrote on Twitter.

Present in the city center last night, one of our journalists confirms the images broadcast and shared en masse on social networks. “There are really a lot of people. It was quite difficult to move around the streets adjacent to the Grand-Place. Despite a family audience and a good-natured atmosphere, it was impossible to respect the safety distances. “There were large gatherings around the Christmas tree and the crèche on the Grand-Place. There were also very long lines for waffles and fries. “

In the Queen’s Gallery it was even possible to enjoy some Christmas pleasures. “A bar offered mulled beers and wines served in glass glasses. Customers sat quietly in the gallery on the window sills to enjoy it. Without mask therefore. “

Philippe Close reacts

Philippe Close, mayor of Brussels also reacted. “A lot of people went downtown today. Unfortunately too many people at the same time, ”the mayor wrote soberly on Twitter. “We ask each of you to respect all sanitary instructions. We must absolutely continue our efforts together. “

Saturday evening, Oliver Slosse, spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital – Ixelles police zone, assured The Latest New that the police were present and talking to people. “We are not checking intensively because it seems that these are mainly family bubbles. But there are a lot of people, so we are adding more teams ”.

“If this is the first step towards what is to come, we will have to adapt,” continued the spokesperson for the police zone. “We are looking at possible measures to prevent so many people from getting together in the coming month. “

Similar problem in Bruges

In Bruges, the police asked the public not to go to the festival of lights during this weekend because of too many people.


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