Brussels: municipality by municipality, here are the streets where the mask is still mandatory

As of today, and this in the 19 municipalities of Brussels, wearing a mask is finally no longer an obligation when you are outside. But, in some major arteries and busy streets, the mask will still be mandatory. It will also be in markets and flea markets, and of course, when you are inside a store.

Following the consultation committee last Friday, the mayors of the 19 Brussels municipalities met to discuss the measure of the compulsory wearing of a mask outdoors in the Brussels region. All agreed to repeal this rule even if each municipality has its own way of applying it.

Find out which municipalities have decided to bet on “individual responsibility“by opting for an exterior territory 100% WITHOUT MASK, and those which maintain it in certain main frequented axes.

A NOTER: the mask is still compulsory on the markets and second-hand goods of ALL the municipalities, as required by federal legislation.

A Ixelles, Auderghem, Etterbeek, Throw, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Watermael-Boisfort, no wearing of the mask outside whatever the location, according to information from our colleagues from DH. The mayors obviously rely on the individual responsibility of the inhabitants of these municipalities.

The City of brussels, it has defined areas for maintaining the wearing of the mask. It will therefore be mandatory on certain major routes and markets, details A press release from the city. Here are which ones:

  • The Rue Neuve which is “the busiest shopping street in the country”
  • The Anneessens market, Tuesday morning
  • The Jeu de Balle flea market, every day from Monday to Sunday
  • The organic market in Place Sainte-Catherine, which takes place every Wednesday
  • The Chaussée d’Anvers market on Wednesday mornings
  • The arts and crafts market (Place Agora), from Friday to Sunday
  • Wand market, every Friday afternoon
  • The Sablon Antiquities market, Saturday and Sunday
  • The Objectif Zéro Déchet market (Place Sainte-Catherine), on Saturdays
  • The Peter Benoît market, on Friday
  • The Bockstael market, on Saturday morning
  • The Square Marguerite market, Wednesday afternoon.

Bourgmestre Philippe Close appeals to the “Individual responsibility” people walking the streets of the City. “We invite all people to always carry a mask with them ”, he said in the press release. In the case of heavy traffic, it will be safer to wear your mask if the distances between people cannot be respected. And this, FOR ALL MUNICIPALITIES.

A Saint-Gilles, no decision has yet been made. According to our colleagues from the DH, the wearing of the mask will certainly be maintained on the Forecourt and on the Saint-gilloise portion of the avenue Louise (Goulet Louise, between Place Louise and Place Stéphanie).

A Anderlecht, the mayor also opted for a 100% MASK-FREE territory outdoors, with the exception of the Slaughterhouse market, according to DH.

A Ganshoren, territory 100% WITHOUT MASK except for school entrances and exits.

A Uccle, the wearing of the mask is maintained on the place Saint-Job, Fort Jaco and in the center of the municipality, details the DH.

A Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, the wearing of the mask will perhaps be maintained on the place Schweitzer but nothing certain, report our colleagues.

A Schaerbeek, wearing a mask is compulsory place Liedts and Brabant street, according to information obtained by DH.

A Koekelberg, a meeting must still take place but, according to our colleagues, the mask will remain compulsory in the shopping streets, namely:

  • Bastogne Square
  • Vanhuffel Square
  • Place Simonis
  • Jean Jacquet Street
  • Rue de l’Eglise Sainte-Anne
  • Boulevard Leopold II
  • Avenue of the French Hospital
  • Avenue du Karreveld
  • Chaussée de Gand.

A Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, the mask will remain obligatory on the three main commercial axes of the municipality:

  • Ribaucourt Street
  • Ghent Causeway
  • Chaussée de Ninove
  • Parvis Saint-Jean Baptiste
  • And around schools at entry and exit times.

A Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, the wearing of the mask is maintained on a few axes, and this for all people over twelve years old, according to our colleagues:

  • Place Saint-Josse
  • Place Houwaert
  • Rogier Square
  • Place Madou
  • Leuvensesteenweg
  • Chaussée d’Haecht
  • Brabant Street
  • And around nursery, primary and secondary schools until the end of June.

A Evere, the wearing of the mask is maintained in certain places, specifies the DH:

  • Shopping streets
  • Place Paduwa
  • Place Notre-Dame
  • Peace Square

A Forest, the mask remains obligatory on some axes:

  • Avenue Wieleman Ceupens
  • Place Saint-Denis
  • Rue Jean-Bapstiste Vanpé
  • Altitude 100.

And at Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the mayor is still in the process of reflection, according to the DH.

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