“Brussels Ring Tunnel Reopens After Maintenance Work: Latest Updates”

2023-05-28 20:00:13

Lhe Brussels Ring tunnel located at the Léonard crossroads reopened to traffic on Sunday early evening, announced the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency. It had been closed since the morning due to work carried out on the high-voltage electrical installation of the infrastructure.

This work is part of the overall renovation of the Léonard crossroads tunnels. The renovation has been underway since mid-April: the four tubes, one in each direction of traffic on the two highways, are each the subject of work. Until spring 2024, the Flemish agency will work on the Brussels Ring tunnel, then it will be the turn of the E411 tunnel.

On Wednesday, work will also be carried out at the Quatre Bras de Tervuren crossroads, a little further north. Maintenance work will be carried out in three phases. Motorists should expect serious disruptions during the works, specifies the Flemish road and traffic agency. This mainly concerns motorists who take Avenue de Tervuren to get to Brussels or Tervuren.

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