Brussels Waste Reform: Changes to Collection Schedules and the Impact on Residents

2023-05-24 12:46:00

Changes to collection schedules have been in effect since May 15. During the first rounds of the reform, the Bruxelles Propreté agency (ABP) collected only 20% of the usual tonnage of waste. This Monday, a week later, we went to 80% on these same tours. If it’s still too earlyto measure the rate of integration of these new timetables by the inhabitants of Brussels in a definitive way,” the ABP can already see that behavior is changing.

By comparing the tonnages harvested during the first collections on Monday 15 and those on Monday 22, we see a significant increase in the weight harvested. Progress is even greater in the areas that have seen the most changes in their calendars. In other words, the calendars are beginning to be known and respected. We pass for some collections of white bags, with an average of just under a ton and a half harvested by truck on May 15 at 5.6 last Monday.

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”A large number of Brussels residents are starting to integrate the new timetables”

Be careful however, these indicators are to be taken with a grain of salt. Already, they mainly concern the municipalities of Anderlecht or even Etterbeek and Saint-Josse. Municipalities that concentrate changes in collection schedules at the start of the week. In addition, the agency only provided figures for morning collections but assures us that the trend is the same for evening collections. Finally, the sometimes strong increase in tonnage observed in one week can also be explained by a postponement phenomenon: some people who took the wrong day of leaving their bags the week of the 15th took their bags home to wait for the collection of the following week, which inevitably is more important than for a “classic” week.

No triumphalism, it is for the moment a trend” explains the spokesperson for the Bruxelles Propreté agency, Adel Lassouli, but “this is clearly a sign that a large number of Brussels residents are beginning to integrate the new timetables and are beginning to familiarize themselves with the changes.”

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Note: the tonnage of food waste (the famous orange bags) shows an encouraging increase. In places, the harvested weight was multiplied by 6 between the two Mondays.

However, other figures are still awaited… Eventually, the obligation to sort food waste should make it possible to reduce the quantity of waste in the white bags. A drop that it will be interesting to objectify once we have given the people of Brussels more time to familiarize themselves with the new obligation.

To know your new collection schedule vYou can consult it on the dedicated website (, send an email to the ABP ( or join them at 0800/981 81

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