BTS and Michael Jackson? This is how a collaboration of yours would have sounded

Michael Jackson is a reference for musicians and dancers of different generations, even the boys of BTS paid him a tribute in the choreography of ‘Dynamite’. What style would a collaboration between the king of pop and the South Korean band have had?

The members of BTS have a lot in common with Michael Jackson, both made an impact in the music industry with their particular message, now they are stars that inspire others to achieve their dreams.

In August 2020, That Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson, assured that, if the king of pop were alive, he would have made a collaboration with the boys of BTS, I would consider them to be musicians who fought hard to get to fame.

He also said that some people close to him lived with the singers and rappers of the band of K-pop, They commented that they were very nice, interesting people and highlighted their work ethic and kindness.

At that time, the Moonwalkers and ARMY were thrilled by the statements of That Jackson, although they felt sad that they could not hear the union of the talents of the King of Pop and the idols of Beyond The Scene.

A few hours ago, through the personal Twitter account of That Jackson shared an excerpt from cover performed by drummer Jonathan Moffett of the song ‘Dynamite‘, the musician gave the perfect touch to the style Michael Jackson.


Jonathan Moffett, better known in the entertainment world as Sugarfoot, posted on all social networks on video cover single ‘drummerDynamite’ and explained that when he first heard the track, he thought it would be a success.

Sugarfoot shared the stage with him King of Pop, she knew exactly what style she should wear if she were a collaboration of Bangtan Sonyeondan and Michael JacksonHe did something special and added the basic rhythms of funk.

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Another thing that the members of BTS and the interpreter of ‘Billie Jean’ would be a drum solo to give more power and consistency to the song, Jonathan Moffett he just took the sounds of celebrities as a reference for an amazing mix.

The fans of both stars applauded the work of the drummer, they assured him that, if BTS watch clip, they would invite you to a live performance to give ‘Dynamite’ more flair. What do you think of cover?

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