Buchen / Bad Münstereifel: Götzingen farmers donate 160 bales of hay to those affected by floods – Buchen

The donors and the helpers after loading the last truck. On Thursday four trucks drove towards Bad Münstereifel. Photo: Walter Jaufmann

Buchen-Götzingen. (jm) “Remarkable solidarity” and “Overwhelming willingness to help in the event of a disaster!”: It can be so pleasantly positive Association “Help! Summer Fairy Tale Team” describe the reaction to his call for emergency and feed aid for the people and animals affected by the great flood in the Bad Münstereifel area. After the spontaneous first aid for the family of a woman from Götzingen, contacts were made with kindergartens and horse farms, which were also severely affected by the flood.

Due to the shocking observations of a first group of Götzinger helpers on site about the enormous flood damage and its consequences, which farmers in particular suffered from the fodder supplies and harvests destroyed by the water masses, local farmers developed a great deal of solidarity.

After the not inconsiderable organizational and logistical challenges had been mastered, four articulated lorries and a small transporter were able to leave the building land in the Ahr Valley as a feed aid convoy on Thursday – with over 160 round bales or blocks of hay on board, mostly from the first one, which is particularly suitable for horses Cut.

One semitrailer truck headed for the particularly badly affected Vongerichten riding stables in Bad Münstereifel, the other three had the Krämer estate in Erkelenz-Zülpich as their destination, the place where the singer Heino lived. Gut Krämer had agreed to store the feed for a short time. From there, with the support of the local fire brigade, the bales are distributed to the affected riding stables and farmers, so that the help arrives quickly and directly where it is really needed.

A total of 18 farmers from the building land and the Odenwald were thankfully willing to donate feed spontaneously: Frank Filsinger, Andreas Heffner, Burkhard Heffner, Thilo Jaufmann, Erhard Stieber (all Götzingen), Herbert Linsler, Richard Schäfer, Christoph Linsler (all Rinschheim), Bernhard Mackert (Hettingen), petting zoo Grammlich (Eberstadt), Herbert Kieser (Buchen), Michael Schmitt (Osterburken), Lukas Haas (Bronnacker), Roland Arnold (Waldhausen), Jens Weißmann (Hornbach), Sebastian Deuser (hop garden), Holger Stich (Oberneudorf ) and Bernd Lauer (Altheim). Armin Mechler (Altheim) also made a donation of green spelled for the injured.

At the end of the collection and loading campaign, the feed dispensers and all campaign helpers were invited to a refreshing snack on the farm of Andreas and Sascha Heffner (Götzingen) – to a hearty and tasty Baulland green kernel soup, served by the butcher’s Herkert (Altheim) and the beverage distribution company Holderbach (Götzingen). The organizers of the feed bridge in the Ahr valley send all of you a heartfelt thank you from the recipients of the hay donations. Of course, thanks also went to Lyma Unternehmensberatung GmbH (Bödigheim) and the forwarding agency Richter (Auerbach), who made a solidarity campaign of this size possible in the first place by taking over the aid transports.

After the successful completion of the support received with great gratitude in the flood area, the association “Help! Sommermärchen-Team” has a real need to point out that this relief operation could only be carried out thanks to the broad support. Thanks to the farmers donating the hay as well as the supporting sponsors of the association and the main organizers Wilfried Fischer, Sascha Heffner and Tim Holderbach for their dedicated work.

With the financial aid provided in advance for the injured family and the affected kindergartens, as well as the food donation, considerable support in the amount of over 12,000 euros was generated as part of this spontaneous campaign.

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