Budget 2021: an amount of 293.34 billion CFA francs for the operation of the Ministry of Budget

Abidjan – The Minister of Budget and State Portfolio, Moussa Sanogo, defended, Wednesday November 18, 2020, before the deputies who are members of the Economic and Financial Affairs Commission (CAEF) of the National Assembly, a budget of 293 , 34 billion CFA francs intended for the operation of its services.

Moussa Sanogo specified that the budget from which his ministerial department actually benefits amounts to 107.61 billion FCFA. To this is added 103.66 billion FCFA for the special treasury accounts (CST) and 82.07 billion FCFA for the common expenses of subscription and public lighting. Hence the amount of 293.34 billion for the operation of all these structures.

Following the presentation and the responses to the concerns of the elected representatives of the people, the budget proposed by Mr Sanogo was adopted.

“I am delighted that the deputies have adopted the proposals we have made. You know that the Ministry of the Budget is working to mobilize the country’s financing resources, to control spending and to ensure that we have businesses that are well managed and strong. There is a set of reforms to pursue, ”promised the member of the government.

As the main projects in the context of budget management 2021, Mr. Sanogo wishes to strengthen the tools for controlling and implementing results-based management in the general administration as well as the construction and rehabilitation of financial control representations. at the local level.

It is therefore committed to strengthening the operationalization of management in budget-program mode, continuing to simplify public procurement procedures (dematerialization, reduction of deadlines), overhauling the information system. budget, the implementation of stock accounting, etc.

For door taxation and internal taxation, the Minister promises the reduction of fraud and smuggling, the securing and simplification of transit operations, the acquisition of scanners and radio services, the creation of a naval base in customs, broadening the tax base and pursuing the digitization policy.

With regard to the management of the State portfolio, Moussa Sanogo announces the improvement of the management system of companies and the control system of public companies.

Since Tuesday, November 17, 2020, all the ministers and secretaries of state have followed one another before the members of the CAEF to defend their budget appropriations provided for their various programs.




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