Bugs in Windows 10 2004: First fixes delivered

If you look at the list of problems in Windows 10 2004 that Microsoft is aware of, you will still find incompatibilities with drivers:

LTE devices: Certain laptops equipped with an LTE modem cannot connect to the Internet after waking up the PC from energy-saving mode or after booting. However, there is a workaround: It is usually sufficient to activate the airplane mode once and then deactivate it again.

Audio driver: There may be problems with the update if the Conexant ISST Audio or Conexant HDAudio driver (uci64a96.dll to uci64a231.dll) with a version number lower than are on the system. In these cases, too, the automatic update brakes the delivery of Windows 10 2004. The same applies to the Conexant HDAudio driver in versions, and to (chdrt64.sys or chdrt32.sys) .

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