Builders urge government to invest 100 billion in EU funds

The employers Seopan and Tecniberia, which group the country’s construction and engineering companies, have proposed this week an investment plan in projects that should? to be included in the National Next Generation Recovery and Resilience Plan prepared by the Government with European Union funds. The proposal includes 10 tractor or macro-project policies, the implementation of which would involve an investment of 100,428 million euros, and which would generate 30,000 jobs in engineering and 1,400,000 in general. The development of these projects would involve an induced economic activity of 190 billion, according to the presidents of these two employers, Julián Núñez and Pablo Bueno.
“The National Recovery and Resilience Plan has been awarded percentages in the policies that the Government has decided. And these investments that we propose adapt to these percentages “, commented Núñez, who also explained that the proposal has been transferred to the presidency of the Government and to the Ministry of Transport.
After defining the projects that should be carried out, Seopan has distributed its effect to autonomous communities. According to this division, Catalonia will be the most benefited community with projects involving an investment of more than 24 billion euros, which should be designed and launched in the period 2021-2023.
These are 2,277 actions divided into 10 macro-projects and 32 investment lines, including the rehabilitation plan with 15 billion investment and effect on more than 700,000 homes. Subsidies from the state would reach 12,740 million euros, which is 17.8% of direct aid to Spain by European funds, while private investment would affect the remaining amount to 100 billion of euros, ie 87.3%. This suggests that for every euro of public investment, seven euros of private funds would be activated and the tax return would reach 43,292 million euros, with a total induced economic activity of 190.5 billion euros for the entire period.
The project preparation phase would begin next year and, by 2024, the various stages of processing and award would have already been resolved, with the aim of continuing construction work until 2026. “It is a realistic program adapted to the requirements and demands of the European Next Generation plan, which raises a temporary scenario until 2026 for the application of the funds, thus respecting all the deadlines provided for in the program “, stressed Núñez.
Housing rehabilitation plan
The first of the macro-projects is the housing rehabilitation plan. It includes an investment of 15 billion to renovate 750,000 homes by 2023. It is structured as a set of grants from the Next Generation program with line of financing and grants worth 40% of the amount of the plan. Employers also call for the application of a reduced VAT (4%), and emphasize that the induced effect of the plan would be high.
The flood prevention plan, second block, includes the construction of dams for protection against floods. It contemplates an investment, in total, of 1,397 million. The waste plan, for its part, proposes to invest 5.93 billion in treatment and recover the waste deposited in landfills.
The public transport and mobility plan includes 24,745 million in metro and tram (124 kilometers of new lines) and suburban (700 kilometers of new lines) actions, aimed at meeting the demand for the increase in the urban population.
Likewise, the rail freight transport plan, with a planned investment of 14,469,000 euros, aims to resolve the inefficiency that Spain has the lowest share of this type of transport in the EU (less than 4%).
The plan to strengthen the health structure involves an investment of 4,784 million to reduce the waiting lists of the National Health System to zero and to reach the OECD average ratio of annual hospital care capacity (12,592 new hospital beds).
Finally, in the transformation of the construction sector, an investment of 750 million euros in various actions is planned.


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