Building a Technological Innovation Highland: Hunan’s Five Landmark Projects for Scientific and Technological Advancement

2023-09-19 00:25:43

To create a highland for scientific and technological innovation, Hunan has clearly implemented five landmark projects, including supporting Changsha in building a global R&D center city.

Introducing and cultivating a number of global and national high-level R&D institutions

Changsha Evening News reported on September 18 (all-media reporter Xu Yunyuan, intern Liu Junlin) The fourth plenary session of the 12th Hunan Provincial Party Committee proposed to promote the upgrading of the Changsha-Zhutan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, build the Xiangjiang Science City, and implement “4+4 Science and Technology” “Five landmark projects” include “Innovation Project”, building Changsha as a global R&D center city, and promoting science and technology to empower cultural industry innovation. Most of these projects are related to Changsha. What will be the next step? On the 18th, at a special press conference on Hunan’s efforts to build a technological innovation highland with core competitiveness, Li Zhijian, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, answered reporters’ questions. Said: “We will earnestly fulfill our overall coordination responsibilities, establish a headquarters and special work team, formulate work plans, and promote the construction of landmark projects through projects and lists to achieve breakthrough progress and visualized results as soon as possible.”

Promote the upgrading of the Changzhutan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone. Focusing on the strategic positioning of “three districts and one pole”, we will implement a new round of three-year action plan for the construction of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tan Autonomous Zone, strive to become a national regional science and technology innovation center, build a collaborative and efficient regional innovation system, and enhance original innovation capabilities. We strive to achieve a total income of 3.8 trillion yuan from technology, industry and trade in self-created areas by 2025, and to have 50 valid invention patents per 10,000 people.

Plan and construct Xiangjiang Science City with high standards. Improve planning and layout, strive to improve the level of science and technology innovation platforms, gather high-end innovation element resources, lead the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries, provide scientific services to more users in a wider scope, and strive to create a source of innovative achievements and a gathering of innovative talents. District, innovation industry growth pole, innovation ecological community. Strive to produce a number of original results with global influence by 2025, and stabilize the proportion of total social R&D investment in GDP at more than 4.8%.

Implement the “4+4 Science and Technology Innovation Project”. Including the “four major laboratories” of Yuelu Mountain Laboratory, Yuelu Mountain Industrial Innovation Center, Xiangjiang Laboratory, and Furong Laboratory, as well as the National Supercomputing Changsha Center, the large aircraft ground dynamics test platform, the force experimental device, and the aircraft engine ice wind hole device and other “four major scientific installations”. Focusing on the needs of the country, what Hunan is capable of, and the future direction, we will strengthen the recruitment of talent teams and the layout of scientific research tasks, vigorously promote physical operations, enhance the level and carrying capacity of the innovation platform, and create a systematic strategic scientific and technological strength. By 2025, more than 400 key core technologies will have been conquered, a scientific research team of more than 4,000 people will be assembled, and breakthroughs will be made in national laboratories and national major scientific facilities.

Support Changsha in its efforts to build a global R&D center city. Support Changsha City’s implementation of the “seven major projects” such as the R&D enterprise (center) agglomeration project, formulate policies and measures for the Provincial Department of Science and Technology to support Changsha’s efforts to build a global R&D center city, and introduce a number of global and national high-level R&D institutions. We strive to have more than 200 five-category R&D enterprises (centers) including the R&D centers of the world’s top 500 companies by 2025, becoming the birthplace of more major scientific and technological achievements and an important source of national innovation.

Promote technology-empowered cultural industry innovation projects. Give full play to the advantages of Hunan’s cultural and creative industries, accelerate the innovation and application of digital audio and video technology, promote the construction of the Malan Mountain National Ultra-HD Video Content Industry Core Base, actively build a modern audio and video industrial system, build the Malan Mountain Digital Media Laboratory, and strive for digital innovation The National Key Laboratory of Media Production and Intelligent Interaction will create a digital audio and video industry chain base with global influence and a new landmark for media integration. Strive to achieve more than 5,000 cultural enterprises above designated size by 2025, with operating income exceeding 500 billion yuan.

(First trial: Jiang Yu Second trial: Lu Xiaowei Third trial: Xie Feng)

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