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Perhaps it was a preview of the PASO. Or maybe it was just another clash between the PRO’s hard wing and the moderates. It happened that the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós, was responding to the criminal complaint for sending vaccines to the private health sector (he assured that prepaid and social works would receive a proportional amount of dose to their affiliates), when he mentioned that what happened with the vaccination at the national level was “a serious mistake that severely damages the credibility of the campaign and that affects all jurisdictions, it was very painful and painful.” At the crossroads the president of the PRO came out, Patricia bullrich, who treated him lukewarm: “I just heard Minister Quirós say that this is a mistake and it does not seem to me to be a mistake. It is more serious than a mistake. There have to be stronger definitions. ” The enemy that Bullrich chose is not accidental: it is who she may have to face in the PASO, if there are separate candidates from the sector of Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Quirós gave his usual press conference in which he had to respond to the criminal complaint that was filed against him and Larreta for alleged breach of the duties of a public official, embezzlement of public funds, as a result of the shipment of vaccines to the private sector: “We have no problems with any complaintIf any citizen has any doubts, here we are to show what we do and make the data we have transparent, “he said about the fact that there are people who will register in the public system and others who will be able to do so via their prepaid.

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Quirós’ response to the accusations was that the referral of vaccines to social and prepaid works will not suppose -he assured- any privilege. “One of the demands that we ask is that we be able to maintain equity in the supply of the vaccine. Each social work and prepaid gave us the list of people associated with more than 80 years. They have to take charge of vaccinating all of them Y We will give you the proportion of vaccines according to the amount of vaccines we receive“, he claimed.

And he exemplified: “If a certain social work has one percent of those over 80 on its payroll, it is responsible for vaccinating that one percent and receives one percent of the vaccines that we receive. The rest remains for our vaccinations “. “The national vaccination calendar every year distributes the vaccines to social works, prepaid and to the City Government so that each Buenos Aires has the same accessibility to the vaccine. It is a question of health equity,” he justified.

Regarding the complaint that there will be privileges for a sector of the population, Quirós assured that “each citizen of Buenos Aires will have the same opportunity to access the vaccine at each stage of vaccination as any other citizen of Buenos AiresIt does not matter the economic or social condition, where you live or what coverage you have. “In practice, a person with a prepaid could choose between enrolling through their prepaid or in the public system, which someone who does not have a prepaid will not be able to do.

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In the Ministry of Health they clarified that those who reside in other districts, but have their prepaid in the City of Buenos Aires, will not be able to get vaccinated. For this issue, Quirós also received criticism of the Buenos Aires opposition.

In relation to the controversy that ended with the departure of Ginés González García, he described what happened as “a serious mistake that severely damages the credibility of the campaign. “And that’s when the fire friend.

Bullrich came out to cross him to emphasize that he should speak of corruption and not a mistake. “I just heard Minister Quirós say that this is a mistake and it does not seem to me that it is a mistake. It is more serious than a mistake.”, he posed. “The minister must understand this, in his Hippocratic oath, as something that is not just a mistake,” he said.

They asked him why he had not talked about the Larreta issue and he replied: “The table of Together for Change, where Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is, is the one that defined the document on Saturday and the conference on Wednesday, that is the line of Together for el Cambio, “he said, referring to the publication where they referred to the events as a”corruption scandal in vaccination“.

The crossing could be taken as another between the hard wing of the PRO, led by Macri, and the moderate one (in relation to the others), led by Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal. But there is something else: Bullrich sounds like Macri’s candidate to preside over the list of deputies in the City of Buenos Aires, something that Larreta does not finish digesting.

The head of government has among his possible candidates, precisely, Quirós, whom they have measured for this year’s elections. If there is no agreement between the parties, there could be an internal one between Quirós and Bullrich in the PASO. Perhaps what was seen with the vaccines is only the preview of what that confrontation between these two sectors will be.

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