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Bully Smith’s wife is the best thing you’ve done

by archyde

Finally, he came out American comedian Chris Rockabout his silence and commented on the slap of a Hollywood star will Smith Him at the Oscars last March.

In the details, Rock emphasized that he had believed for 30 years that Smith was an ideal man, but he was not, but he was ugly, as he put it.

He added that by doing so, Smith tore up a mask he had used for many years.

When asked about his sarcastic comment on Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett’s hair, which the latter considered bullying, he exploded with anger and acted on it, Rock responded that the joke was “the most beautiful thing he’s ever said,” according to what the Daily Mail reported.

And he continued, in an interview with journalists during a tour of Liverpool, on Friday, that he hopes that Smith will not return to wearing masks, whatever the consequences, but rather leave his true face in public, in reference to the Hollywood star acting according to his conviction and not trying to beautify his actions.

An accident ruined his career

It is noteworthy that the American comedian Chris Rock did not respond to the two apologies made by Will Smith for slapping him at the last Oscars, the first was after the incident via Instagram, and the second was in a video broadcast on YouTube last month.

Rather, Rock mocked Smith while presenting a comedy show at a theater in the US state of Atlanta, from the video, indicating that he considered himself a victim.

The incident dates back to last March, when Will Smith went to receive the first Academy Award in his life on March 27, and he returned carrying with him the most famous slap in the date of the ceremony.

Smith’s slap to Rock came in response to the comedian’s sarcastic comment about the hair of Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett.

He did not accept bullying

At that time, the African-American actor revolted and took revenge for his wife, who suffers from a disease that leads to hair loss, after seeing that what Rock did was considered bullying and unacceptable sarcasm, so he slapped his colleague on stage.

However, Smith paid the price for his action, as he was deprived of attending the Oscars for 10 full years, and Sony postponed the production of the fourth part of the movie “Bad Boys 4), claiming – in the words of its Chairman Tom Rothman – that work is still on. Under development, the same was repeated with Netflix, which suspended work on the movie “Fast and Loose”.

Smith has always declared that the material losses do not matter to him in front of people’s view, which has changed greatly after the accident.

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