“Bumrungrad” Shifting the Future Healthcare 5.0 takes care of all dimensions, complete

“Bumrungrad” aims to be the leader in Healthcare 5.0 in terms of AI, machine learning and Internet of Things to help make treatment more effective.

from the concept of Chin Sophonpanich Founder of Bumrungrad Hospital wanting to “BumrungradIt is an alternative private hospital. Able to treat difficult and complex diseases to a high standard Help lighten the burden from government hospitals And Thai patients do not have to fly to foreign countries for more than 42 years that this idea has been passed on and passed on from the past to the present. Although the development of innovation and medical technology is advancing. but not stopping to develop new treatment innovations It is still something that Bumrungrad continues to move forward.

Currently, under the leadership of Chai Sophonpanich chairman Bumrungrad Hospital with the determination “It is not a business for the sole purpose of making profits. but must do good for the society” ready to alleviate the burden of the government in treating complex and difficult diseases, as well as being part of answering the question “Health tourism”, which is considered an important industry in Thailand with the principle of “3C1W” aiming to solve the problem of treating critical, complex diseases, working with multidisciplinary doctors. and promoting health and prevention, which is another trend that is hot in the aging society resulting in the goal of becoming a leader Healthcare 5.0 not difficult

3C1W Bumrungrad Strength

Ms. Atirat Jarukitpipat Chief Executive Officer Bumrungrad Hospital revealed that the medical direction Now there are many interesting things. If you look at the trends this year We have stepped into a completely aging society, with 20% of the population aged, and it is estimated that in 10 years it will increase to about 30%. People live longer as medical advancements have progressed. Therefore, Wellness and Digital Health Tech will benefit. Therefore, Bumrungrad continues to upgrade its services to deliver a Lifetime value health partner for all ages.

It is also aiming to develop treatment at the Quaternary Care level, including upgrading the Center of Excellence to develop expertise in treating difficult and complex diseases, covering all diseases. which requires a multidisciplinary (multidisciplinary team) joins in the care and focus of personnel in various fields with strengths “3C1W” in terms of the quality of treatment (Quality of Care), including

1) Critical care. Treatment of critical illnesses. Bringing in technology and research, Bumrungrad has a team of more than 10 critical medicine practitioners certified by the American Board of Critical Care Medicine from the United States, and is a strong team and pillar of the hospital. that is ready to take care of patients 24 hours a day with modern technology and systematic management

2) Complicated care treatment of complex diseases Patients who come to the current hospital Most of them need to see more than 2 doctors.
As the disease develops itself, it is Bumrungrad’s strength in treating difficult and complex diseases. With a team of specialists and experience in treating patients with complex multi-organ disease or difficult-to-diagnose diseases.

There is a Center of Excellence covering all diseases. This includes organ transplantation. We have a team of doctors with more than 30 years of experience and advanced expertise in organ transplant surgery, including kidney transplantation, heart transplantation, liver transplantation and eye transplantation. Bumrungrad is the first private hospital in Thailand to successfully perform heart transplants for patients with heart failure.

3) Collaboration of Expertise Collaboration of a team of doctors with expertise in various fields and multidisciplinary areas. To jointly care for patients for the best results of treatment. A clear example is the diagnosis of Rare Diseases, thus requiring the cooperation of physicians. Medical personnel with expertise in various fields To meet together to find a diagnosis and treatment that is appropriate for the patient’s disease symptoms. Most of which, more than 80 percent, are genetic diseases that are passed on through family lines such as LSD. muscle weakness group

4) Wellness and Prevention, health promotion and prevention This is an important trend in future medicine. Bumrungrad has pioneered for over 21 years with a Vitallife Wellness Center. Providing personalized health care services with state-of-the-art medical science. by gene testing To prevent before disease (Genetic Testing) to predict future health planning a child by detecting certain hereditary diseases that may be transmitted from parents to children

4 factors for success

Ms. Atirat added that we started from Vision and aspiration to be World-Class Holistic Healthcare with Innovation. It is one that reflects the real picture of continuous development. through experience which has been accumulated for a long time by 4 important factors:

  1. “Innovation Organization” Open to new medical technology innovations including new treatment techniques
  2. “Academic Institute of Medicine” (Academic Hospital) Bumrungrad There is a research and education department that plays a role in promoting continuous learning of doctors, dentists and hospital medical personnel. as well as creating new knowledge including innovations in medical and related services There is cooperation with academic institutions/universities at the national level.
  3. “Having a distinctive culture” (Unique Culture) Which has been passed down and treated for the 42nd year as a rich heritage of Bumrungrad is “Agility”, the ability to quickly adapt to the situation. “Un-complacency” is the non-stop satisfaction that arises. Focus on improving the work to be better can be seen from the introduction of new technology to help enhance the efficiency of treatment (adaptive to technology) and reaccreditation Matters of quality, safety standards at all times. For the maximum benefit of the service users and “Compassionate Caring” is the delivery of care with generosity. Take care of all patients and personnel as if they were friends.
  4. “Having a strong partner network” (Partnership) Create new partnerships continuously

Aiming to be a Leader in Healthcare 5.0

for this year In addition to still focusing on “doctors” as an important part of driving the mission of the hospital and building teamwork in caring for patients Bumrungrad will focus on medicine in 2 key areas:

  1. Robotic Surgery Center The use of robotic-assisted surgery Da Vinci’s technology has helped surgeons perform more comprehensive surgery on patients with multiple organ systems.
  2. Genetic focuses on the detection of genetic disorders (Genomics), which helps identify the risk of developing certain diseases. This makes it possible to proactively prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease. Planning for fertility and preventing other genetic risk groups in the future

including genetic testing to prevent drug allergies This allows doctors to choose the most effective drug or treatment for each patient. Both of these parts will enhance the treatment to be more effective. And it is a medical trend that Bumrungrad will focus on from now on.

in order to be a leader”Healthcare 5.0” Whether it is about AI, machine learning and the Internet of Things, from now on, everyone can have Self-moritoring All of which must be a standard medical system. in order to be able to connect to the hospital system and has managed to store the database, process it, and analyze it, which is interesting to bring about 5.0.

Because more than 50% of Bumrungrad patients are abroad. So even though we have applications and telemedicine since the pre-Covid-19 period. but still need to be modernized Easier to use. At the same time, not just the development of technology. only innovation We have to develop people and teams to support doctors. Because we are providing health services for human life.Ms. Athirat concluded.

innovation to success

  • Minimally Invasive treatment technologies that are more accurate, smaller wounds, faster recovery and reduce the risk of infection, such as Water Vapor Therapy, has been successfully applied to over 72 people.
  • Treatment of Normal Tumors with Cryotherapy (Cryoablation) or AI Lunit that helps doctors diagnose and plan treatment more precisely and appropriately.
  • Da Vinci’s robot to assist surgeons in Robotic Assisted Surgery

  • Genetic abnormalities screening (Genomics)
  • Create innovation development cooperation with King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology
  • Chief of Staff Ladkrabang (KMITL) CMKL University International College of Medicine Chulabhorn Thammasat University
  • Promotion of research support focused on medical advances
  • Organizing academic conferences and workshops with Bumrungrad’s physicians to transfer knowledge and experiences to attending physicians
  • Cooperate with the National Housing Authority and Minor. Under the operation of the Vitallife Wellness Center, the RAKxa Wellness project was launched in Bang Krachao. It is the first Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat in Asia to combine Advanced Medical Science and Holistic Wellness.
  • Expanding Bumrungrad standard medical services to new segments of partner hospitals Expand opportunities for people to have access to various levels of medical services.

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