Bundesliga: what will happen to Dortmund’s Mario Götze?

You can’t avoid two questions in the Mario Götze case. What to do with the former talent of the century in the coming season? And how did it get this far?

His beginnings could not have looked more promising. Born in Memmingen, he was already recognized as a mega talent as a teenager. No wonder, Götze made his debut in the Bundesliga at the young age of 17. And where? With none other than BVB, where it goes through almost all of the youth departments and currently has to say goodbye to the Bundesliga after almost eleven years. Or isn’t it? More on that later.

His achievements at the time did not leave the German national coach Jogi Löw without a trace. Götze contested his first international match against Sweden in November 2010, becoming the youngest debutant since Uwe Seeler at almost eighteen and a half years old (1954, at 17 years and 167 days of editor). Not even a year later, Götze played a major part in the championship title with his BVB. With 6 goals and 15 assists, it once again towers. In 2013 he and his team even made it to the final of the Champions League.

The biggest highlight is yet to follow. In the summer of 2014. On July 13, Mario Götze crowned Germany world champion and made himself immortal. Fifa awards the midfielder for the “Man of the Match” after the game. The German not only has the stamp of the youngest Bundesliga debutant to date, but with this sensational World Cup goal, the then 22-year-old is the youngest German goal scorer in a World Cup final.

Just 17 minutes in this second half of the season

After moving to Bayern Munich, Götze begins a long phase of stagnation. Under Pep Guardiola, he is often just a bank press.

This despite the fact that he still scores goals and still delivers one or the other template. At the EM 2016 he also loses his regular place. Where did old Mario Götze go? The creator of magical moments?

Back at BVB, he made it back into the extended base formation after initial difficulties and won his fifth title with black and yellow (Super Cup winner) last summer.

In the current season, the 27-year-old is only six times in the starting XI. In 2020 he only has 17 minutes of play.

Since BVB coach Lucien Favre played 3-4-3, the German has had no place in the system. «It is not the ideal system for him. You have to tell the truth, »said Favre a few days ago about« Bild ».

Another truth, namely that about Götze’s future at Dortmund, BVB sports director Michael Zorc speaks on Saturday and says on the TV channel “Sky”: “I had a long, clarifying conversation with Mario this week. We have agreed that we will not continue to work together after the season. »

Both are in a situation that is not necessarily satisfactory, Zorc added. “It is therefore normal for him to look for a new job. He is a very deserved player of ours, he comes from our own youth. It was a joint decision. It is also in his spirit that he is looking for a new job, perhaps abroad. We’ll see.”

Milan – or Hertha?

Possibilities seem to exist. According to Italian media, Lazio Roma kept an eye on the 2014 World Cup hero. But above all the two Milan clubs – Inter and AC – should be interested in him, as the «picture» reports. Götze had recently changed his advisor. Reza Fazeli. He, who also brokered Emre Can (26) from Liverpool, via Juventus to Dortmund. So the right partner for Götze’s plan abroad? The next logical step in his football career?

TV expert Lothar Matthäus, on the other hand, would be happy to continue to see Götze in the Bundesliga, as he explains on Saturday evening. Which club will he follow up with: “Hertha BSC, this idea has charm. He can surely increase the playful quality at Hertha. And who knows, “maybe Hertha is writing a success story with Götze”.

The next brilliant performance would only be asked on Tuesday against the leader Bayern. Is Götze allowed to get involved at all? Recently it was three minutes against Schalke and zero against Wolfsburg …

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