Bundestag election: member survey in coalition agreement “is an option,” says Walter-Borjans

FDP domestic politician Kuhle: Alliance with Union more likely

The domestic political spokesman for the FDP parliamentary group, Konstantin Kuhle, considers a Jamaica alliance of the Union, Greens and FDP to be more likely than an alliance led by the SPD. “Jamaica is more likely with yesterday than in the three weeks before,” said Kuhle on Monday morning after the election in the ARD “morning magazine”. It had previously become apparent that the SPD would be “very clearly ahead”, but with the current performance of the CDU, the two parties would be close, said the FDP politician.

It is now “a very good idea” that the Greens and the FDP get together first to consider what form of modernization is possible in Germany. “We see that yesterday a new chapter began for the party system in Germany,” said Kuhle. Free Democrats and Greens together have more percentage points than the Union or the SPD.

Kuhle emphasized that there are “fundamental differences” between the Greens and the FDP in terms of content, for example in climate or financial policy. “Different worlds collide.” But you have to respect each other and now you have to see “how you move towards each other,” said Kuhle.

The question of rapprochement is also more important than the question of who will ultimately claim the Ministry of Finance for themselves, the FDP politician continued. Nevertheless, the finance department is also an “important point” for the Liberals.


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