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We know Bungie is working hard to deliver more and more content for Destiny 2 but the studio isn’t just working on its futuristic FPS. Behind the scenes, Bungie has several games in development for several years.

Incubations to test new concepts

Evoking the studio’s projects with Metro UK, Bungie CEO Pete Parsons explained what was going on and the studio’s motivations.

What we want to do is what we are doing now. This is really what we want to do. And honestly – I don’t need to say it honestly, I’m still being honest – what we also want to be able to do is start exploring, not just the limits of the Destiny universe to different levels, but also bring new titles to this secret sauce of what a Bungie game is.

Even if the project Destiny 2 was designed to last for many years, the studio is not resting and has already started to think about new concepts for several years.

So we started about three years ago, Jason and Jonny Ebbert and Zach Russell and a few of us started working on new incubations.

The way to think about it doesn’t have to be limited to new games, however. I think that’s what people often say. In fact, it’s a process around how we want to incubate the potential of new titles, but more importantly, new and incredible talent. I’m going to give you an example. ME Chung was the creator of most of the social systems inside Destiny, and she continues while working on a project. She is fantastic.

So we have these incubations that are about a lot more – they’re definitely about making games, but their goal is to really build teams. How do you build teams that know how to work together and, above all, can create magical things?

Pete Parsons is satisfied with the progress on these other projects and specifies that the studio expected a higher failure rate than what is actually happening on these incubations.

We’re so excited about the work that’s being done not only to continue the Destiny universe, but also because we’ve been able to build such a strong talent pool, these incubations are truly amazing.

In recent months, Bungie has been recruiting at a much faster rate than expected and with the lockdown, Pete Parsons explains that almost a quarter of the workforce has never set foot in the studio.

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I was on the phone just before our call with one of our incubation managers around their project. I think you’ll be pretty excited. I wish I could say more, but I think you’ll be pretty excited.

This summer, a job offer from Bungie put the chip in our ears. The developer evoked a loot system, weapons and armor galore and “the dungeon of a necromancer”, which seemed to confirm once again a fantasy setting. “Happy and whimsical characters” were also mentioned for this new project.

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