“Burglary in Liège: Suspect Identified and Arrested Eight Months Later by Police”

2023-05-12 17:00:00

On the night of August 28 to 29, 2022, a theft was committed in a house on rue Sainte-Véronique, which joins boulevard d’Avroy and rue Louvrex in Liège. Several people entered the home after one of them kicked down the front door.

The dwelling had been searched and, when the inhabitants returned, various objects had disappeared. The burglary had obviously been reported to the police. But the suspects had not, at that time, been identified.

However, we learn this Friday that one of them was arrested more than eight months after the events. Indeed, the investigators had discovered, on the spot, documents in the name of a young woman. And also a cigarette butt. And the scientific analysis of it confirmed that it had indeed been thrown into the dwelling by Johanna, a 33-year-old homeless young woman, who was the owner of the documents abandoned in the burgled dwelling.

Arrested this week, the young woman born in 1990 was referred to the Liège prosecutor’s office this Friday morning. She partially denies the facts: she admits that she was fine in the house that night but indicates that, drunk, she followed other people into the house and fell asleep on a sofa under the effects of the alcohol.

Johanna was deprived of her liberty.

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