Burial of Jorge Oñate: the artist’s family house is robbed

A brother of the wife of the late vallenato singer Jorge Oñate, who died last weekend in Medellín, was the victim of robbery amid the artist’s posthumous tribute: delinquents they violated the entrance to his house and they took various items of value.

According Bernardo ‘el Chino’ Zuleta, as it is better known who was Oñate’s brother-in-law, they took cash, a computer and cell phones.

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“I was at the funeral when some neighbors called me to tell me that the house had the door open. When I go I find that They forced the lock, they also broke the window and little by little we see everything they took: money from my daughter that had arrived from Barranquilla, was the first thing we noticed, “he said. Bernardo zuleta.

It should be noted that, immediately, the family filed the complaint before the authorities, who asked for three days to respond to his case.

Police authorities assured not having knowledge of the theft to the family of the wife of ‘Nightingale of Cesar’.

Sure they knowHere we even call the municipal government secretary; in this moment of pain we do not care so much about the material, if not that crime is taking over La Paz”Added ‘El Chino Zuleta’.

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Meanwhile, despite the complaint, the Cesar Police insist that they are only aware of three thefts from people.

Yes There were two robberies of telephones and a van. Among the victims there is even a singer’s grandson, whose phone was recovered. It is important that they denounce those who were affected ”, added the Colonel Jesús Manuel de los Reyes, Commander of the Cesar Police.

By last, Bernardo Zuleta assured that the robbery of which he was a victim went to the background, because the departure of his brother-in-law is a pain from which the Oñate Zuleta family will not recover.


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