Buriram was shocked! 15 women academy footballer cluster found infected with coronavirus

Buriram- Buriram was terrified to find a cluster of female football players at the academy of the Municipal School 1 (Burirat Darunwittaya) infected with the coronavirus, 15 out of a total of nearly 200 people ordered to close the school, announcing it as a red area. The Ministry of Public Health has rushed to detect more infections and order 14-day quarantine for those who enter and leave school during 6-13 October.

Today (October 14) reporters reported that Mr. Sakon Krainapoom, Mayor of Buriram has called an urgent meeting of the relevant officials After meeting there was a female football player at the Academy of Municipal 1 School (Burirat Darun Witthaya), which is a school under Buriram Municipality. 15 people were infected with COVID-19 due to officials from the Buriram Provincial Public Health Office. And from the Department of Public Health and Environment, Buriram Municipality, ATK was checked from the number of female and male football players, including basketball players, coaches, coaches, and all involved almost 200 people.

In the beginning, there was a football player. Those who have detected the infection, all 15 people have already entered the process of treatment at the field hospital, while the athletes, staff coaches and coaches who have not been detected as infected include all those who have been in contact and are involved. must be quarantined according to the next step

and designated the Municipal School 1 as a red area. Persons are prohibited from entering and leaving in all cases. Except where permission is granted only in certain cases. The risk group will remain in the area of ​​the school district 1, all forbidden to practice sports. and require everyone to strictly follow public health measures

However, from the information that previously, the Camp Academy Municipality 1 school has allowed students who are athletes of the school. and eat and sleep in the academy camp returned home and traveled back to Camp Academy last night on September 30 And an ATK test was performed on October 1, 64, and the test result at that time was negative.

After that, on October 5, 64, all students received their first dose of Pfizer vaccination. Later, on October 7, 64, some students said they had started to feel sick. which initially was expected to be a side effect of vaccination. and went to receive treatment at Buriram Hospital Which the doctor has given treatment like a common flu without being tested for COVID-19 any more

until the children The self-treatment was used, which was the answer from the coach’s inquiry. Until 12 Oct. Found students in the group with fever. began to cough and sneeze more So they took them to get tested at Buriram Hospital. Until a total of 15 people were found infected, all of them being treated at Buriram Hospital.


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