Burkina Faso Approves Sending Military Contingent to Niger in Response to Threats – Fighting Terrorism and Protecting Borders

2023-09-19 17:05:46

The Transitional Legislative Assembly in Burkina Faso voted on Tuesday, September 19, a law authorizing the sending for “three months renewable” of a military contingent in neighboring Niger, threatened with armed intervention by West African countries since the July 26 coup.

The law, proposed by the transitional government, was unanimously approved by the 71 members of the Assembly and establishes the sending of a military contingent to “three months renewable”. Elle “provides a legal framework for the deployment of a military contingent from Burkina Faso to Niger, whose mission is to provide military assistance to the Republic of Niger in the event of aggression or destabilization by an external army, but also to fight against terrorism »declared the Burkinabé Minister of Defense, Colonel-Major Kassoum Coulibaly.

The adoption of the law allows Burkina Faso to “have points of support” in Niger “to fight against terrorist groups who often take refuge there after committing attacks on our territory”justified Mr. Coulibaly.

“In case of assault”

Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali share the so-called zone of “three borders”where jihadist groups very frequently carry out attacks.

These three countries, led by military regimes, signed a charter on Saturday in Bamako establishing an alliance “collective defense and mutual assistance”creating the Alliance of Sahel States (AES).

Niger, where a coup d’état overthrew the elected president, Mohamed Bazoum, on July 26, is threatened with military intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which wants the restoration of the constitutional order.

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At the end of August, Niger’s new strongman, General Abdourahamane Tiani, signed a decree authorizing the armed forces of Burkina Faso and Mali to intervene on Nigerien soil. “in the event of aggression or destabilization by an external army”.

These two neighboring countries quickly showed their solidarity with the new Nigerien authorities. They had thus warned ECOWAS against any intervention in Niger, which would be assimilated by them to an ” declaration of war “.

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