News Burkina Faso: attack on church leaves 24 dead

Burkina Faso: attack on church leaves 24 dead


The toll is heavy. A Protestant church in the village of Pansi in northern Burkina Faso was targeted by a deadly attack on Sunday. The governor of the Sahel region, Colonel Salfo Kaboré, announced in a press release that “the provisional report mentions 24 people murdered, including the pastor of a Protestant church”. “We also deplore 18 injured and abducted people,” he added.

A previous security sources report said at least ten people were killed in this alleged jihadist attack during Sunday worship in the village of Pansi, in northeastern Yagha province.

Residents identified and targeted

On Sunday, “an armed terrorist group” burst into the village and “attacked the peaceful populations of the locality after having identified them well and separated them from non-residents,” wrote Colonel Kaboré.

“The injured were evacuated to Sebba and Dori for appropriate care and the dead carried to the ground the same day by the survivors, spontaneously helped by the inhabitants of neighboring villages,” added the governor. “Research is underway to find the abductees,” he added.

On the same day, a 28-year-old French non-commissioned officer from the Barkhane force died in Burkina Faso. His lifeless body was discovered in his camp, without specifying the causes of his death.

700 killed in Burkina since 2015

Attacks attributed to jihadist groups, against churches or Christian religious have multiplied recently in Burkina, poor Sahelian country of West Africa. On February 10, an armed group stormed the city of Sebba, the provincial capital, before kidnapping seven people from a pastor’s home.

Three days later, five of these people, including the pastor, were found dead, the other two, women, being unharmed, according to the regional governor. Since the end of 2015, jihadist attacks in Burkina have killed more than 700 people, according to an AFP count, and more than 600,000 internally displaced persons and refugees, according to the United Nations.


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