Burkina Faso: the police disperse a demonstration against the French presence

#Other countries : The police on Friday dispersed with tear gas demonstrators who were trying to gather in Ouagadougou to protest against the presence of France in Burkina Faso, noted an AFP journalist.

Gathered in small groups at the United Nations roundabout, in the heart of Ouagadougou, the demonstrators, some of whom waving Russian flags, tried to march towards the French embassy, ​​before being dispersed by the police.

It is the second time in a few weeks that people, at the call of a new coalition of organizations gathered within the M30 Naaba Wobgo, named after a former Mossi emperor who opposed France in the 19th century, demonstrate for «the termination of all military and economic cooperation agreements» et «the end of international technical expertise».

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«The protest was quickly brought under control. Several people were arrested and vehicles seized»said a police source contacted by AFP, explaining that the organizers «did not have permission» for some «security reasons not favorable to the assembly».

«We denounce the economic partnership agreements, the installation of detachments and military bases on the continent» african and «demand the departure of the military base of Kamboissin (north-west of Ouagadougou)»said Monique Yeli Kam, president of the movement, when it was launched.

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France, a former colonial power in Burkina (formerly Upper Volta), has a military base in Ouagadougou and its air force intervenes regularly from neighboring Niger in support of operations by the Burkinabè army against the jihadists.

Burkina Faso, where soldiers took power in January promising to make the fight against jihadist their priority, is confronted like several neighboring countries with the violence of armed jihadist movements affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group, who since 2015 have caused thousands of deaths and some two million displaced people.

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